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Bass Fishing How Effective Will Bass Bag Limits Be With Little Commercial Restriction In Place ??

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Glenn Kilpatrick, Feb 7, 2016.

  1. Glenn Kilpatrick

    Glenn Kilpatrick Blenny Staff Member

    It appears rather ludicrous to limit Bass anglers to 0 fish per day or 1 fish per day when a commercial quota of 1 tonne per month is in place ?? What level of improvement are we expecting to see in bass numbers from such measures ??

    To limit anglers at all seems ludicrous, but to hit anglers severely whilst not heavily restricting commercial fishermen seems very disproportionate.

    Not that I target bass these days, nor do I see a time when I would return to making them a target. I see Pollack as much more fun and mainly follow catch and release on them. However Im a man of logic, and I cant seem to find any logic in the current bass restrictions. To me it looks ill thought out and to be very honest it just looks like a complete kick in the nuts for anglers.

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  2. faraday

    faraday Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    I cannot get my head round it (the system), not that i target them nowerdays - havent bothered for a few years now.

    The whole situation has become a cesspit of nonsense imo.

    Like yourself, last year for me i found pollak fishing a greater challenge - and much better eating for me.
  3. glassback

    glassback Blenny

    the problem is glen the proposals were turned around in brussels to favour the comercials and not the other way around .
    and the 1 ton a month for fixed gillnets increased from 1 ton to 1.3 tons per month every one else has a six month ban on catching them gillnettrs have feb and march thats it .
    there is a 1%bye catch allowed on other fisheries though .
    there is another meeting with mps in the next fortnight to try and get some equality on it .
    they have to try and make the bass situation into sustainable fishing by 2018 .
    theres a lot of pressure now to make it rod and line fishing only like in usa for strippers .
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  4. Glenn Kilpatrick

    Glenn Kilpatrick Blenny Staff Member

    This is why I always felt it best to stay under the radar Andy. Ive had a keen eye on The Bag Limits situation since it was first mentioned by The Likes Of Leon Roskilly who in my eyes was an evil man with no idea about angling.

    If You start playing with politics then god knows what will come especially when you start to understand the might of the commercial Lobby. The likes of the NFFO have a massive presence in Brussels and they have full time and very expensive barristers on their books.

    Its pretty much a David and Golliath story when you pitt B.A.S.S against Commercial fishing. Hopefully the outcome can be the same in the longer term but its going to be an uphill struggle.
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  5. brian carragher

    brian carragher Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Its only my opinion Glenn based on reading the output from B.A.S.S. and their cohorts that we've only arrived at this point because of the continued and often wrong lobbying based on their perception of bass fishing in the UK

    Do'nt forget it was always central to their cause that all UK fishermen would be subject to a sea licence and that they proposed a two fish limit per angler (regardless of what you were fishing for) along with the raising of the MLS even though it was based on dodgy science

    The big thing we still need to be wary of is their (B.A.S.S.'s) proposal on behalf of all sea anglers that we should forgo decent bag catch's and accept a legally enforceable limit of two fish per session
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  6. Glenn Kilpatrick

    Glenn Kilpatrick Blenny Staff Member

    I feel you will likely know my own feelings about B.A.S.S. Brian. I have never really had a great deal of belief in them.

    I certainly have a bit more respect if they have the likes of Andy on board as he knows the local fishing scene here inside out. But Ive always felt they should have been shot out of the water a long time ago.

    Their claim to represent all Bass anglers is a falsity.
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  7. glassback

    glassback Blenny

    i do agree with you glen to but as there,s no one else out there trying to do something .
    then theres not a lot of choice .and i agree with what brian and i would say everyone else .that once theres restriction on any form of fishing .
    we have to be care full .i like every one else just wants to go and catch fish at the end of the day .
    scientist often get things wrong ,but the problem is if there right then its a hard long way to get the fish back again .
    its not rsa who are doing the damage
  8. Glenn Kilpatrick

    Glenn Kilpatrick Blenny Staff Member

    I also think there are environmental factors at play, in particular the harsh winters of 2011, 12 and 13. Some of those Hatchery areas and bass Nursery areas were frozen over. When you have things like that happening its beyond our control.

    the upsurge in Bass Numbers locally around 2004 to 2010 did seem to follow a run of exceptionally mild winters.

    I know the scientists and B.A.S.S as an organisation are aware of these factors but little is mentioned of them in political debate. It seems we instantly look to man for the blaim.

    Admittedly our selfish nature will have an impact but there are things beyond our control too.
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