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Here come the cavalry

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Baramundi Bob, Jan 17, 2009.

  1. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Here come the cavalry

  2. Gas_mantle

    Gas_mantle Guest

    Hmm, they can give away free rods and reels if they want...they still won't get my vote :no:
  3. FireFly

    FireFly Blenny

    Certainly up to date then. They must have been running the 3 legged race while everyone else has been running the 100 yard dash!
  4. fazbats

    fazbats Blenny

    I sent an email to my MEP's regarding this issue and only the BMP member had the courtesy to reply . It does not matter which party they represent NONE GIVE A TOSS about what you or I want
  5. FireFly

    FireFly Blenny

    Yes I tend to agree unfortunately
    I go on 3 forums because I live in the Midlands and it is nice to see where a few fish are being caught.

    This is the only forum that seems to be taking this serious.
    It doesn't matter to much to the likes of me that only goes fishing a few times a year unfortunately but if this legislation is implemented then that's when you will see a lot of folk come out of the woodwork and want to start to do something when it is too late.

    I love the sea and everything about it, why when we are an island we should have to implement more EU spiffle beggars belief. But I do notice that some of the politicians are now starting, only slightly mind, to sit up and take notice.
    It's a pity a lot more anglers don't.

    How many anglers are there around the country?
    I think individually, or as a collective, those that be in power would take notice if enough showed an interest and aired their views.

    Same old story mate.

    Some people make things happen
    Some people watch what happens
    And some people think....what the hell just happened?

    They'll be thinking that alright when some bloke taps them on the shoulder and asks for their fishing log, license and informs them they are going to be prosecuted for being over quota!
    Do you know? ....I turned into my father about 5 years ago and now I've turned into a Grumpy Old Man.
  6. Mick Dunn

    Mick Dunn Blenny

    I,m trying to think just how could sea anglers be policed/monitored for catches. It would be virtually impossible.
    I mean its not like at The Derwent resevoir where there are rangers-Even there you could bag up more if you were of that nature.
  7. harrythecod

    harrythecod Rockling

    well something seems to be going in the right direction at last :yes: lets all hope thing s go our way :suspious:
  8. CBass

    CBass New Member

    I have just written to Hillary Benn, who happens to be my MP to ask why he is not opposing the bill. :canadian:
  9. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Thing is Mick, They will enforce it to a certain degree otherwise the UK gets a substantial EU fine. They will likely target the east access places such as charter pontoons, piers, beaches and jetties.

    Most people would not be bothered by a conviction for illegal fishing. There are many on here who have said as much. But what about yourself Mick ? how would your employers see it if you were convicted of this offence ??
  10. Gas_mantle

    Gas_mantle Guest

    I'll accept that new changes could be difficult to police and it may well be easy to 'get away' with minor breaches of any new fishing law when they are introduced, but to me that is beside the point.

    I dont care if it will be any easy law to flout, it still places me in an invidious postion if I'm constantly to be looking over my shoulder. At present I can legally fish the shoreline pretty much as I wish but some enjoyment of this freedom will be lost if I am expected to report all my activities to a governing 'big brother'.

    Look at this way..... we all know the legal speed limit on a motorway is 70mph, we all know if you are sensible you can do 80mph and most police officers will turn a blind eye. However easy it is to get away with it you are still breaking the law and take a risk in doing it, wouldnt an 80mph law thats enforced be better than a 70mph one you can break unchallenged ?

    The same goes for fishing, I'm more comfortable doing something I'm legally allowed to than something thats illegal which I'm almost certain to get away with.

    Someone must know the point I'm making :crazy:
  11. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Its crystal clear Peter. None of us want to be on the wrong side of the law no matter how certain we are we wont be caught.
  12. FireFly

    FireFly Blenny

    Couldn't agree more Glenn! That's one selfish point I must admit that really brasses me off about this and one I mentioned in my emails to the MEP's and my MP etc.
    I go fishing about a dozen times a year apart from when I'm up in the N/east. I go with a couple of mates on the Norfolk coast.
    They tramp anywhere from a mile to 4 miles down a deep shingle path that's drains your energy, the nickname is the 'Heartache Walk'
    I stay very near my car next to the beach because I am disabled to a certain extent and can't walk far.

    Now who do you suppose any official is going to target? He ain't going to take a 1 to 4 mile hike over rough ground, he's going to target the likes of me fishing just on the beach, the father taking his son on a pier or jetty for a bit of fishing, the summer dabbler, look at whitby pier in the summer, really easy pickings that one.

    he ain't going to chase the likes of a lot of lads on here, climbing down cliffs, going round the bottoms of cliffs in middle of the night looking for lads fishing at low water.
    Good luck to the lads that do fish these places, I just wish I could again.

    But as you say, it will be all the easy access places that get hit because they normally attract the most anglers.
    Can't possibly be policed properly.
    I think the Magna Carta had something to say about all this.
  13. Gas_mantle

    Gas_mantle Guest

    What concerns me as much as anything about all this proposed new legislation is I think it could deter newcomers to the sport far more than is presently realised.

    When I first started sea fishing it was because I was on holiday on the south coast many years ago and would often watch local anglers fishing from a pier. I bought a simple set up on impulse after watching these guys, if I'd had to go through the rigmarole of licences and understanding quotas etc it's quite possible I wouldn't have bothered. Part of the appeal was the freedom and simplicity of it all. One minute I'm watching anglers, 30 mins later after a chat in the local tackle shop I've got my rod and reel and ready to fish.

    Blokes on holiday (where I guess a healthy percentage of new anglers begin) simply arent going to bother starting if obstacles are placed in the way.

    Shouldn't we be encouraging angling ? it's healthy exercise, good relaxation for the mind, keeps people out of trouble, provides employment for 1000s.

    Seems crazy to me if we deter people from participating in one of lifes simplest pleasures :happy:
  14. bigcod

    bigcod Rockling

    If this crap becomes law it will devestate anging throughout the uk it just beggers beleife that these idiots in brussels thi nk anything will be gained by putting angling along side the commercial boys its laughable but the best thing about it is that some of the people who would probably be policeing us were convicted for fishing elegally as comercial fishermen before they joined the NSFC now theres one for ya.

  15. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    The whole system is corrupt Paul.
  16. FireFly

    FireFly Blenny

    Does anyone know anything about the Magna Carta?
    One of the forums I go on. it keeps getting mentioned and that it can't be changed, they seem to think nothing will change but I beg to differ.
    We have a right to fish as we like apparently.

    I wasn't there when it was signed.
  17. Davo

    Davo Rockling

    The Magna Carta was usless when a couple of bait diggers tried to use it when they got caught bait digging at Holy Island. Dont expect any old law to protect us with this pseudo Government. They try to make criminals out of us all, in different ways.
  18. mike_

    mike_ New Member

    i think its a bit pathetic that shore fishermen are tied in with the unlicensed boat fishermen ,as a boat could catch a fair amount but the shore fisherman if lucky a few for the pot. :sick:

  19. FireFly

    FireFly Blenny

    Thanks Davo, that's what I thought, I'll post that as an example.
  20. Davo

    Davo Rockling

    No probs mate.

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