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Hell Of A Week On Mistress - Masses of Cod & Another 20lber!

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Fishy Rich, Oct 3, 2014.

  1. Fishy Rich

    Fishy Rich Guest

    We seem to have it all this week on Mistress since the festival ending. I knew where i would get a very good day but didnt have the numbers of people onboard to get there to cover the fuel, so i was waiting for it all falling into place

    Monday I was feeling a bit unsure of how the week would pan out, following a bit of bum day on sunday (yes we do get them sometimes!) I knew it would come good for us with the tides easing and water clearing. with only 4 on I had a bit of a game plan, which worked out well for us,
    we fished ground all day working ledges and ridges, minimal tackle loss and tbh plenty of fish to finish with,

    we ended up on a piece of ground wed fished the day before where wed taken plenty of small codlings, it was just a case of working through them to the better ones which we did, everyone ended up with a nice mixed bag of 8 or 9 fish to take home. the best angler took about a dozen. we saw plenty of pollock, ling and cod.

    Tuesday with only 3 on, all regulars, Ivan and Richard from worksop and also Mike Dearing (spring festival winner) we did ground in the morning but the water still wasnt quite right taking fish on baited hokkais, we moved to couple of bits of scrap at slack for a few lings then as the tide got away again we moved on to series of ridges that chuck a few fish out, and boy did that produce the goods,

    Ivans rod bent over

    A belter on a rattleback

    Then it was Rich's Turn

    A double for Rich on a sidewinder

    The lads at the end of the day with a few of their cod

    Again we fished ground again all day seeing as we'd taken some good fish the day before, tbh it was a bit slower due the wind being behind the tide and pushing us along at 2 knots, it made fishing hard. But as always, I never stop working the marks and moving, we found a ridge id never worked before and that rewarded us too, we took yet another 20lber, and also an 18lber in the same drift! plenty of double figure fish for the three lads that showed up, 2 never phoned in, unlucky them!

    Frank from North West Donkers with a 20lb Ling

    His Mate Brian with its buddy weighed at 18lb!

    Carl from Hull was with us he had a few into double figures too, we finished up with a good bit of fish for the lads.

    The best was to come today, with the tides still being easy and the water the best its been all week, with 7 onboard we headed off to a little patch of ground I knew would throw a few fish out,

    i never expected what we found when we got there, from the off, 4 or 5 rods a drift were taking fish, i ran further up the ground and it was blathered, we started getting two drops per drift, a fish for everyone each time you could feel the cod fighting for the lure as soon as you hooked one, if it dropped off another took it straight away.

    By Lunch time we had well over 100 fish onboard, everything under 40cm was returned and we returned alot of fish, as the tide eased we fished for ling, and got a few straps

    Rob from manchester taking the best at 10 1/2lb

    I dont normally put pictures of boxes up but this was a red letter day and tbh we dont see very many like it at all these days
    this is the 4 lads at the front of the boat

    A top top day for the lads and lasses onboard with the best angler taking 30+ fish himself

    Tight Lines

  2. stickman

    stickman There's a difference between fishing and catching!

    Well done Rich - looks like I picked the wrong day ::)

    I was full of cold on Sunday and not really "with it", having only had two hours sleep from sneezing and coughing all night.
    Well done finding the fish again anyway - I feel a return to sea is on the cards for me very soon ;)
  3. andyo123

    andyo123 Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Luckily for me I did pick the right day and what a fantastic day it was (Thu). Even the less experienced anglers were bagging up once Rich pointed them in the right direction with rigs and shad set up.
    It was a chilly start but by mid morning it was like a summers day. Flat calm sea, fish galore what more can you ask for from a days fishing. Oh yes a good skipper and in Rich we certainly had that.


    My haul for the day and i returned quite a few as well.
  4. ivan

    ivan Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    It's a pity people don't turn up after they book a trip, they missed out on some excellent fishing. Their loss. Well done Rich.
  5. Fishy Rich

    Fishy Rich Guest

    cheers guys, looking back over the year its not been a bad one in comparison to last year,
    the days of the big lifts are certainly very few and far between, in comparison to the 1st year i started full time in 2012, but if you average it out we managed a day or two a month where we filled up.

    this year has been a good one for those 20lb+ fish too and I have a feeling we may well see one or two very good fish through the uptide festival too, which runs 1st-16th November, we still have some good tides and dates available,

    so if you fancy a go, give me a call on 07977 436903, tight lines for now, Rich
  6. trout and salmon

    trout and salmon a silver salmon would be nice

    Well done rich u always seem to find em looking forward to uptiding in November will be in touch soon
  7. Fishy Rich

    Fishy Rich Guest

    Nice one gary, get yourself booked before the best tides go! as always look forward to a bit of banter when youre on, catch you soon mate

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