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Have People Stopped Posting Catch Reports ?

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Baramundi Bob, Mar 3, 2010.

  1. Sambo

    Sambo To the MAX!

    I haven't done any shore fishing since Christmas and have only been out on the kayak twice since then (both times fishing didn't even get started due to weather changes) so I haven't had anything to report. But anyone that knows me on the forum will know you won't be able to shut me up once the 'proper' kayaking season starts :happy:
    Regards to Jellyworms posts, I don't think Dave was having a go at newbies in general and their right to fish on a beach or wherever. I read it that is was more of a go at the people that just lurk in the background leaching info off the site(s) as to where is fishing best, etc. They are just as bad as the few posters on here that just ask questions but give nothing back, not even a 'well done' on other threads. I have no time for people like that, I've learnt a great deal because of this forum but I feel I have put something back as well (I did a very nice piece on Weaver awareness :wink:).
    Mmm, it's quite comforty on this high horse :cheesy:
  2. jody

    jody New Member

    I'm generally a lurker, but will post when I can either help or think I can give a constructive comment. I have a fascination with fishing and an admiration and certain jealousy of those whom live near the sea and can get out frequently, but leaving home 3.00am on a Monday and not getting back until late Friday early Saturday morning it doesn't leave a lot of time for fishing or bait collection, but it doesn't stop the desire to be out fishing or to hear what people are doing and where and what they're catching.

    I'm still a fairly novice fisherman I've had casting lessons, buy the magazines and ask at the tackle shop what been going on and where, but the best place for information is on these forums. Without the input of the more seasoned fishermen passing on their tips and marks the sport will not continue with the enthusiasm it has.

    A lot of the fishing methods have a degree of danger about them. Looking at some of the photos posted of the rock fishing areas, rope ladders and the like it would be a naive or stupid person whom would tackle these without the help of a more knowledgeable angler, but the pier, humber wall and beaches offer a place where your average Joe may stand a chance of catching something albeit not as fruitful.

    One of the guy's on here has a signature 'theres a fine line between fishing and standing with a rod looking stupid'. Not for me I never feel stupid standing there in anticipation that my rod tip might start twitching, the line goes slack or seeing those annoying signs that a little bloody crab is stripping away my bait slowly and I'm going to have to wind in again unrewarded then try with all my might to put that bait in to the right spot without out getting a birds nest or ending up on my arse. It is just as rewarding however for your average angler to be out there and catching a few flatties, pin whiting or slugs because you're there. I always plan my trips around the tides, and try to get the weather on my side, but if I've planned a trip and ordered my bait I'm going through rain, sleet and snow. Even if I can only cast 50 yards in to the wind the chance of getting out are that thin and far between I'd sooner try and fail than not bother at all.

    I don't geneally go out during the summer as I'm fairly young, have a wife, a baby and a new house which for some reason needs painting and decorating, the garden renovating and what spare time I do during good weather is spent on that, but I do still have an interest in fishing. I now have a reason to go out in the summer, my new toy a kayak, but without the help of other I would not risk the sea alone. Maybe once I have more knowledge and experience I may, but without people posting and the inability of being able to join a club I'll never have any great degree of success.

    So it may seem that a lot of people are not giving back, or just following the dedicated, but for me it's more of an interest in the sport and a wanting to be a better fisherman. It maybe the case in time I will be able to help the budding anglers, but when I do catch something in the region I will let you all know.
  3. Jellyworm

    Jellyworm Rockling

    Thank you Sam at least you have read what I posted.... :cool:

    Rizla you are way off the mark.....Is the beach mine or other club anglers....no and I never suggested that it was and yes it is everyones right to fish where they want and long may that continue...only that I wouldn t disclose where was fishing on an open forum... so than at least I would have a chance to then go and catch a few more fish......pm's always answered as a good few on here know.

    I still use this forum and learn from it and have contributed more than lurked in the background and I will continue to do so.......will I post reports yes the odd one ....will I post where I catch my fish maybe in a summer I will ....in the middle of a hard winter of club fishing.....no way !

    I wonder what the reaction would be if a member had discovered a particularly good summer bass mark after working hard for it only to find it had been posted on the forum and then either netted or rammed with anglers....that was my point.

    Always difficult on a forum to get the real meaning across but I think that if you look back at my posts you will see far more reports with pictures etc that have taken time to put together......it takes a lot of time and effort to type a sarcastic reply to a post though doesn't it !!!

    One of the reasons that has been mentioned before has been no replies to reports......which some feel makes it worthless posting...I don't as if it is read a lot of times then it is worth it.

    Glenn there is no doubt that the ACTUAL degree of posted information on here has dropped over the last couple of years.........some very good anglers used to regularly post on here giving us an insight into how their angling minds worked....where are they now ?
    I am one of those members who made friends with people on here,I also used to post a lot more repoprts than I did.....but with over 3000 posts now and having seen so many others stop posting there does come a time when you would like to see some others put a little more effort into the forum.

    This thread after all was started as a result of no posts .....have we found out why ?...Not really but one theme that comes up time and time again is that not enough people post quality reports and we all enjoy reading the reports with pictures and detail.

    I post what I feel I can at the moment based upon what I m doing fishing wise. My posts this summer will probably increase compared to my winter posts because my summer fishing is more varied and I m not trying to catch fish over anyone else.......not that I ve done very well at that this latter part of the year. :laugh: :laugh:

    So if my first post was mis-understood, I certainly didn 't intend any elitism in its content and anyone who has asked me for any info will tell you I pass on what I have been given by others as long as though it wasn't given in confidence.......I just wish that others would post a bit more and do the same.
  4. dan the pollock

    dan the pollock Rockling


    i think you should get off your high horse and stop pressuring people into posting. its their choice not yours.

    with the added pressure of actually catching something decent this winter its hardly suprising that their arent alot of posts.

    so what if people need a little more help that usual. saying you were on a certain beach mark doesnt mean they will catch YOUR FISH does it. they still have to have abit of common angling knowledge.

    ive stood next to alot of brilliant anglers and watched them pull fish out while ive blanked. so its not all about the marks is it.
  5. ducky

    ducky maybe one day...

    Some people who are not very good at fishing or have just started may not want to post about blanking or are to sacred to ask something. Me i am not bothered if i blank. I could have put up two reports a week of blanking i am not bothered if people take the Piss out of me cos i am crap. But some people who have posted in the past may not have had replys and think whats the point, of posting. But does it make i difference if you have made 3000 or 3 post.
  6. ducky

    ducky maybe one day...

    I dont know how many post i have made cos i dont have the net at the moment due to been broke. Making a report when you just get in at daft oclock on your phone is not fun or easy. Well not on my phone. I enjoy reading all the reports on here. But as dan said no point putting making people feel they have to report every time they wet a line.
  7. Relm

    Relm Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    An number of guys i know are fishing a lot less now than they would normally. Seems to be down to 2 reasons 1) Not much disposable income be it down to being laid off or having higher bills/ a new kid 2) Have taken a look at the club results and packed their kit away for now.
  8. FireFly

    FireFly Blenny

    Thing is Glen, years ago BEFORE the tinternet the only way to learn was to watch, ask others, join a club and get the knowledge. Most of us, I think, went out and did the leg-work but now with the internet and communications the way they are, it is far easier and less hassle for some just to ask and gain whatever knowledge they can.

    The internet is a double-edged sword. Great for reading articles etc and looking at other forums around the country and gaining a bit of knowledge, couldn't do that a few years ago. Now of course, we have guys who read a bit and suddenly they are experts at most things or have an opinion. Plenty of guys on here who have genuine expertise but I think there are quite a few who could go searching through the archives etc.
    I'v put up links to info inside the forum for lads who haven't even tried to find what they want and just post up a question and that's the extent of their own search for knowledge.
    There are times I can't find what I want but I have looked first before asking.

    Searching the archives on here should provide an answer to most questions - this site has to be one of the biggest knowledge databases on the internet today.
    There are plenty of info about fishing marks, baits, techniques etc, if one looks.

    Years ago you might be lucky to have someone to help you but as I remember you just went out and tried and tried again until you got something right, now with technology most want instant answers.

    I return to fish marks I fished over 30 years ago in the N/east and still catch fish.

    There has been a few questions asked of late about Redcar Scaurs and beach, well all it takes is to get out there and fish the beach, walk the scaurs at low water during daylight, don't go fishing on there without prior knowledge or go with someone who has fished it regular and take notes.
    There are a multitude of great spots along Redcar sea front, I personally think it's one of the best shots in England at any time of year, just about.
    I know of Bass to 14lb being caught there.
    Most don't seem to want to do that, they just want to be told.
    I have a mate who wanted his ashes scattered over the rocks where we used to fish together, he liked it that much, but I'd prefer to wait until I was dead!!! :happy:
  9. quint

    quint Watch out Emperor Zorg's about

    I think the main reason, amongst others, is that there is only so much ground that can be covered with regards cod fishing, and it has been exhausted - I would certainly write a report about an area/fishing trip even if I blanked and include other things such as rigs, bait, wildlife etc. but 2 things hold me back 1) don't want folks to think I'm a clever git 2) I don't think I'm qualified, however I have a few new things I want to try this summer, one involves a wet suit suit and a van steel reel, the other sliding floats down snagged lines, I will quite willingly share these exploits as I think the methods are new, around here anyway

    Regards giving marks away that are fishing, I don't understand that, it's normally what's on the hook that sorts out the fish
  10. ShArK

    ShArK Blenny

    one involves a wet suit suit and a van steel reel, you going Skishing,

    Ohh i went to the brid open used very good bait, cast me line, waited, reeled in, blanked, got wet, weather was wet venue day one Dimmo right tight under windmills, day 2 spurn point corner then moved around to jetty came home,
    fished with 2 good lads had fun.

    Reel Stonefisher 850 velocity f/s Braid 50lbs
    rod afaw t rock
    rigs pully type
    hooks circle`s
    bait fine yellow tails .squids-in
    big snake whites
    and some of the best mussels in uk ..Coso`s
  11. ducky

    ducky maybe one day...

    You thinking of your new mate from sunday nite. Iain, lol
  12. IanB

    IanB Blenny

    Quint, I dont think for one minute that anyone would think you are a clever git, the likes of you and reymondo (Ramrod) are like legends to this site and wrote some fantastic reports, well good reading anyway lol, except of course the pic of you with your pants down on the rocks showing your hairy bits lol, but in all seriousness in my opinion the likes of yours, Ramrods,Big Ciffs, GJW and Glenns articles are what really makes this site stand out from the rest.(sorry if i forgot anyone)
    Whats happenned to Ray? is he in hiding? locked up? or took up a new career with his sing along shanties lol.
    Keep posting lads its what makes this site, especially for me now i'm knackered.

    Cheers Ian
  13. Jellyworm

    Jellyworm Rockling

    Dan nothing to do with being on a high horse at all....which high horse is that....what is the presssure to post ? What is this thread actually about ?

    This happens time and time again on this forum......hiding behind a keyboard someone gets clever....first Rizla....who if he had actually read the content of the first post perhaps would have seen where I was coming from.....then Dan.........why launch your reply at me ? The initail issue of no posts was not raised by me,like you I have joined in the topic...unlike you I have given my reasons ,my opinions but not had a go at any individual in my replies.......very easy to be brave behind a keyboard....why not give valid reasons for a different opinion as opposed to a "get off your high horse" sort of reply ! :angry: :angry:
  14. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    The topic was really about posting or not posting if you catch fish. I think the majority of people who have contributed to this topic all know and respect each other so we dont need to fall out over it..

    I had just noted that a couple of people had told me of a good session or 2 recently, yet there was no mention of it. The reason I was told was that they feared the marks getting packed out. I just wondered if anyone felt the same.

    Personally I aint too bothered. Its nice to get the odd catch report and when Im back in action Ill post mine as I always do and will name the marks just as usual. I also know that once summer comes the usual suspects will be back to tell you all about their fishing, Garry, Sam, Spawney, Ken, Lindisfarne, Rob, Cliff, they all read the site daily.

    From memory the only person we lost who made significant contributions is Ray. I dont know Where he went but I do miss his wit and humour and I hope he is well and enjoying whatever he is doing. Maybe he will be back at some point. As with all forums people come and people go.

    Whilst we lost Ray we gained another quality angler in Clifftoprunner. I just wish I could persuade him to get a camera. This guy for me is one of the very best shore anglers in the region and I get the feeling he is more than happy to help a few of you out.

    Garry still writes excellent posts and articles as will Harry, Dav and Cliff, and quint has told me he will write whatever I ask him to for the site, so we should have more of his excellent stuff to read as we head towards summer. Rupert is writing some of the best stuff I have ever seen for the boat lads and Phil Dale always pops in to tell us about his 50lb shore cod, and bassman wrote a very good piece on the recent Brid match for us. I think the site still has probably the best articles and reports you will find on the net so I think the only elaborate writer who has stopped is you yourself Dave, but I do respect your decision to do that. No pressure from me at all mate.
  15. ducky

    ducky maybe one day...

    I was talking to ray the other day. He is fine and well. I was going to ask how come he has not been on. And forgot.
    And as what you have said about pete. You hit the nail on the head glenn. He did not have to take me the other nite and tell me about the tops where we fished.
  16. Jellyworm

    Jellyworm Rockling

    I agree with your view Glenn......my winter posts would not be very interesting anyway aside from keeping my cards cl;ose to my chest (not that i ve had any better results for it) With spring on the way my kayak will be dusted down....at least the prowler will be as the Dorado is going to sold on so I ll be posting some reports and getting the camera out again.
  17. ducky

    ducky maybe one day...

    I made a new battery box for the yak last week. And would have put a step by step building guide but not having the net i cant. It would have taken me longer to do the report than making it. And there would have been no pictures
  18. FireFly

    FireFly Blenny

    I think if you get in touch with your man you might find he has some 80lb in 320m and 210m spools - 50 of each - how many do you want???? :yes:
    Don't know the price but a little bit dearer than the other 'cos of strength and the making of it.

    Have I made your day??? :laugh: :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  19. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    You stick with him mate as there are few anglers in Yorkshire with his degree of cod fishing knowledge.
  20. ShArK

    ShArK Blenny

    yes ill be onto craig

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