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Gordon Ramsey Shark Finning

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Baramundi Bob, Jan 16, 2011.

  1. big cliff

    big cliff Rockling

    As long as there is money to be made , sadly nothing is out of bounds , the human race has alot to answer for , seals arent that bad
    are they after all :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes: :yes:
  2. cleeclive

    cleeclive Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Interesting comments from you all but none of what you saw was any different to a bag of fish being dumped in a pound or the hopper on a trawler and then having a gutting knife thrust into it half an hour later. How about a fish caught in a gill net and left struggling in the water until it is hauled aboard the vessel and yanked out of the mesh.
    Then we have the auto-linerr that sets 2000 hooks and after leaving hooked fish struggling in the water for hours hauls their snouts into two rollers to tear the hook out before chucking them into the gutting pound.

    If you are getting worried about cruelty in the fishing industry I would give up eating fish and give up angling!!
    Or maybe live in the real world.

    I do agree that fishing for sharks just for their fins is very wasteful, but educating millions of Chinese not to pay £90 quid for a bowl of soup to a Chinese business man is not going to be easy. Business is driven by the laws of supply and demand sad as that may be

  3. slug

    slug Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    what is it with the chinese and their expensive soup , if its not shark fins its ,a tigers knob or ground up rhino horn! they wont give over until theres nowt left! :cry:
  4. Sambo

    Sambo To the MAX!

    What you on about?

    There is a big difference between angling and cutting fins off live sharks or skinning a fish alive!

    Just because I'm a fisherman doesn't mean I automatically find it ok for that sort of stuff to happen. Yes angling could be classed as being cruel but come on there is a big difference from what we do and what they are doing!
  5. FireFly

    FireFly Blenny

    The japanese have been doing it to the dolphins for more years than can be remembered but nothing is ever done to stop it.
    Not stop it properly that is, just a load of lip service paid, as it is with most things nowadays...
    The human race, the most intelligent species or so they say, but also the most stupid.

    Some will remember years ago when the likes of Green Peace and The Green Party were laughed at as a load of long haired drop outs. There ain't many people laughing now. Love or hate the likes of Ramsey he has gone to the top of the pile after watching what he did last night as far as I'm concerned, can't praise the man enough for having the balls to do what he did.
  6. DiscoMick

    DiscoMick Eat Fishing, Sleep Fishing, Drink BEER

  7. go go gadget

    go go gadget Rockling

    so a hooked fish struggling on a line is on par with skinning one alive? wierd logic clive
  8. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Playing devils advocate I can see Clives point of view. It is a horrible practice. But who dictates what creatures we are allowed to torture and which ones we cant. Everyone loves Dolphins, but they are just another animal. In the 70's when the Jaws films were on the go, you could probably have got away with killing every shark in the sea. Now its wrong.

    We as anglers regularly dig worms from their homes, we then keep them in a fridge. We pull legs off crabs, we peel them alive then freeze them. We sometimes boil lobsters and crabs whilst they are banging on the pan lid.

    Who decides what is right and what is wrong. Its a tough one.

    Ill get me coat.
  9. cleeclive

    cleeclive Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    I think that some of you have partly missed my point. The main reference was to what happens on commercial vessels across the world and throughout the UK. :-

    Is leaving fish dumped on the deck or in the pound from a trawl catch for hours before they are ripped open with a knife not cruel?

    Is ripping the hooks out of the mouths of line caught fish and in many cases pulling the stomach back into the mouth as part of the unhooking process not cruel?

    Isn't leaving fish struggling as they slowly die in gill nets not cruel?

    Isn't ripping the claws of edible crabs and dumping back the bodies not a little cruel?

    These are a few common legal practices pusued on a daily basis by European fishermen, would you like me to start on the illegal ones?

    As Glen says we are not too far behind as anglers and there is a whole group of animal rights activist out there who would love to stop our hobby. We are of course just like our commercial fishermen very quick to blame the Spanish, the French etc

    I rest my case!
  10. neil bugdol

    neil bugdol Blenny

    I think it`s the way it`s been portrayed, if the whole shark was landed and used it would not be highlighted so much. The fact that these fish are just thrown over the side after being finned is the main cause of all the hoo hah, not unlike the discards we feel so strongly about, fish dragged to the surface and killed, then just thrown back, but we only call that a waste. There was one Chinese woman in the London meeting who said she couldn`t understand it, "the chinese way is to use everything, I don`t think we`ll be selling fin soup anymore".
    Over this last week there`s been a lot of discussion on this forum and others regarding these TV programs and one thing that sticks out in all the postings, Humans are top of the food chain and nothing else matters, we are the most destructive and disrespectful species on the earth and it`s all powered by greed.

    Thousands & thousands of tons of fish thrown back in the sea while there`s thousands of tons kept in freezers, just in case demand should rise.
    Millions of sharks killed for their fins even though the massive stocks in warehouses and shops show no need, could this be why they have to be dried.
    Greed even puts something on your plate, that you believe to be something else.
  11. Sambo

    Sambo To the MAX!

    Of course all of the above is cruel Clive, no one is disputing that. Plus no one said fining a shark is any crueler than the examples you gave. Not sure why you feel the need to make the posts that you did, do you think we've got a problem with shark fining but are totally fine with what you listed above? :confused:

    As I said earlier you can't compare anglers to people that rip the fins, skin and lips off a live fish. It's all relative, I don't mind using live worms for bait but like most people I'm not comfortable with above.

    If you want to discuss the moral rights and wrongs of commercial fishing and angling than probably best to start a new thread.
  12. sxtrail

    sxtrail New Member

    Let's put cruelty aside for a moment as that's just a small part of a much bigger picture.

    The point is that the shark is a truly majestic creature, an apex predator of the sea and with a history that dates back to times before the dinosaurs - well before the earth destroying human race. As apex predators, they perform a key role in the ecosystem. The fight against finning isn't just because it's unecessary cruelty, but because sharks are one of the most endangered species in the world, with some species apparantly reduced in population by 99%. What right have we to be responsible for potentially making this remarkable prehistoric creature extinct? And all in the name of greed and status.

    Comparing this campaign to cruelty in angling is hideous.
  13. FireFly

    FireFly Blenny

    Clive no disrespect mate but as to your quote
    As Glen says we are not too far behind as anglers and there is a whole group of animal rights activist out there who would love to stop our hobby. We are of course just like our commercial fishermen very quick to blame the Spanish, the French etc

    I rest my case!

    Can you tell me whenever an angler in this country ever came remotely close to this please or anywhere for that matter? And just how far behind do you think we are to this section of civilised society?

    Dolphin Massacre in Denmark

    The majority of anglers I know have the greatest respect and admiration for the sea and it's contents, unlike these......well you pick the name because I can't find one appropiate.
  14. 3be2

    3be2 Blenny

    There was a documentary/film (2006) exposing the shark parts trade "Sharkwater: The Truth Will Surface".
    IIRC if you found Gordon Ramsey's film disturbing then you probably don't want to be watching this one!

    More at http://www.sharkwater.com/
  15. Dav

    Dav Rockling

    Altho it is terrible whats happening over there , But i actually thought the same thing as what clive posted. it is abit sad thata lot of sharks landed are only landed for there fins and are put back alive .
    On the program they said that certain parts of the pacific i think , they said they had reduced the shark population by upto 60 % ?
    I wonder by what percentage man has wiped the north sea cod stocks down by ?
  16. cleeclive

    cleeclive Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    As you say there are a whole range of ethical discussions that could come out of this. I have made my living on the back of the commercial fishing industry, and was bought up in an era where the exploitation of wildlife for personal pleasure was viewed very differently to how we perceive that things should be today. Having worked in many developing countries as a fisheries consultant I guess I see things from a different angle, and whilst what we saw on that programme was wasteful and cruel, it did not phase me, it is how I see the fishing industry.

    There are so many people in the developing world struggling to make a living that they will kill anything to make a few$, hence big game poaching, fishing for endangered species etc, yes this is all very terrible but the alternative may be no food for the family and kids.

    This problem relates to the human at the top and bottom end of the food chain, and we are very good at sitting in our armchair making a judgement about the welfare of a shark, which those poor fishermen depend upon for the next bowl of rice. When I was working for the Ministry of Fisheries in Oman, the local beach boat fishermen would get far more money the fins from one shark than a boat load of yellowfin tuna.
    The world has to educate the global Chinese populationand with my son having Chinese in-laws I knot that it will be one hell of a challenge as their traditional culture is very dear to them just as beer and football is to us.
    Gordon Ramsay's shark cause is a lost one before it starts, but Hugh has got a good chance of influencing a management change whatever that may be.
  17. TheCodfather

    TheCodfather Guest

    disgusting obscene man does far more harm to our planet than fish, how in this day and age such barbaric practices are allowed to continue is pathetic, how they chopped that poor shark to bits while alive made my blood boil, sharks will be gone soon what a loss for humanity as usual man`s greed is sickening.
  18. dazktm

    dazktm Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    as for watching that shark get its fins chopped off and thrown back,,,that was f@@kin sick.i find it hard to believe only 4 of the chin restaurants took it off the menu.

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