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Gear for sale

Discussion in 'Photography Forum' started by Dorado, Jul 19, 2008.

  1. Dorado

    Dorado New Member

    I am having a big clearout - you know how it is, you collect "stuff" over the years. As a professional photographer i upgrade my kit on a fairly regular basis and now I have got fed up of tripping over a load of gearthat I do not use any more.

    Everything has been owned form new and serviced on a regular basis as I am partially sponsored by Nikon and have been a member of their Nikon Professional Service for over 20 years (when in those days you had to be invited to be a member). Everything has its original box and papers.

    I realise that the film gear is not going to fetch very much - but anyone who does camera club exhibitions/competitions and the like, film is still far better than digital - and if you go to Costco, you can get a hi res CD of the pictures in standard jpeg format (not some silly format that nobody can read as in the past), a contact sheet and a set of prints for £5.99 a roll! That is cheaper than just scans.

    F5 - 2 off. Boxed and with all cards. One almost brand new and mint, one well used but totally sound and serviced. Perfect working order, very fast focussing and the legendary 1005 point metering. Top spec professional camera bodies.

    Nikon 35 - 70f2.8 D lens - compatible with all modern, Nikon SLR digital cameras. I have used it on my D2X happily and it works on my new D3 as well, in all modes.

    Nikon flash guns, fully dedicated to any Nikon SLR since the F3 series and right through to the new digital series, D1, D2 and D3 - all F series and D series amateur cameras with a hot shoe. All boxed and owned from new, al in perfect working order and very good condition: SB26 2 off, SB80DX 1 off.

    Contax 645 outfit including 2 bodies, 1 has never been out of the box. 80mm f2 zeiss lens, internal focussing and autofocus. Prism finder and waist level metering finder.
    2 film backs and inserts.

    Further Contax 645 lenses: 35mm f3.5 (was over £3300 new just for this lens!) 45mm f2.8 and a 140 f2.8

    Metz 45 CL4 hammerhead flashgun - if you buy the Contax you can have the Metz gun to go with it.

    Hasselblad X-Pan 35mm panoramic camera with standard 45mm lens, 90mm lens and warm up Heliopan (Zeiss) filters.

    Nikon D2X camera body - just back from Nikon service and clean, so like a new camera. Well used, but absolutely perfect.

    Offers for any of this please to me at home. Probably best through a PM or email: simon at optical hyfen art dot co dot you kay

    Many thanks.

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