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Fun in the Fjords

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by nicky, Jul 14, 2013.

  1. nicky

    nicky Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Hi lads myself, Nicky, Ben and Codboy had a trip over to Skarnsundet Fishcamp run by Phill Dale of Nordicsportfishing.com.

    The objective of this trip was to try to catch as many different species as we could on light gear. Hopefully manage some Torsk and Ling from the deep water and if we caught anything big along the way that would be a bonus. .cool.

    Ben caught the best fish of the trip below, a 22lb cod which was quite a story in itself! Ben's previous best cod was around 5lb.
    We have loads of pics so I've just added the best in the videos below or we would have had a report about ten foot long. smiley-lol.gif

    Best points of the trip, plenty of fish once we located them. Arm aching action with coalies between 2lb to 7lb with plenty going 5lb and over. Pollack all beasts around 8 to 9lb that fight like demons! Cod to 22lb on spinning gear! Haddock and Plaice to 5lb. Torsk and Ling to 12lb. Whiting, Dab, Mackeral, Herring and Gurnard made up the species list.

    Ben taking a 22lb cod on a light spinning rod but the biggest surprise was on unhooking, a small codling had took his spinner which was then engulfed by the bigger cod. How the big fish stayed on I'll never know. .unsure. Ben looks cool in the video but he confided in me later that his .mooning. was going like this .crap.
    A lifejacket suddenly inflated onboard sending us all scurrying, personally I nearly jumped overboard when it went off. smiley-lol.gif

    The random stuff you come out with when tired sent us all into stitches :laugh:

    Nicky's explosive fish curry was a good un, my .mooning. was burning for a day or two later. smiley32

    Bad points KLM service and baggage delivery

    So I hope you enjoy the videos below, we certainly enjoyed the trip, highs and lows.


    Ben's .mooning. going with a 22lb cod on the end smiley-lol.gif Ben caught a small codling on a spinner using a light lure rod and moments later the bigger fish engulfed the smaller. I picked the video up just after the fish took Ben back to the bottom. How on earth it stayed on is beyond me, watch Nicky "unhook" the fish. .unsure.


    Torsk (Lumb in Norway) from the deeps of Skarnsundet, we all caught one. Horrible looking fish but for a strange reason one I've always wanted to catch. .unsure.


    Ling on a day it reached 25 degrees in Norway .sunny.


    So I hope you enjoyed the report, what a laugh. Really can't wait to go back again. happy_days.gif
    Written by JV not me :canadian:
  2. young casper

    young casper Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    some nice fish there ,, and that catch with the cod catching the little cod brilliant,, but can i just point out that torsk in norwegion is a cod,, and what you called the lume is called a paddetorsk part of the brosme family,,good report mate

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