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****FORUM MATCH UPDATE !!!!!*****

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Jellyworm, Jul 12, 2008.

  1. Jellyworm

    Jellyworm Rockling

    nice one Acko , see you at the road end.

    Cheers Jellyworm.

    Make sure as well as crab you have plenty of fish baits mackeral,squid,sandeel.
  2. jock74

    jock74 New Member

    I,m a newbie on here (reg. yesterday) but will be there to-morrow,lot of names on here
    I recognize from other sites, can you still park at the front of the caravan park ???
  3. robq

    robq Rockling

    Wecome to the site mate :happy:

    There is no caravan site at the meeting point Jock , I assume you are thinking about tunstall ?

    If so, when you arrive in tunstall village do not turn right to the caravan park but carry on past the church and out past the rectory, just past here is the meet point :yes:
  4. jock74

    jock74 New Member

    Thanks Robq, sorry I should have been more clear in my post, I can no longer
    climb down to a beach (old age) hence my queery as to parking as I'll have to fish that end :embarrass: Jock
  5. robq

    robq Rockling

    Ah got you !! yes after getting your ticket I see no reason why you cannot drive to the tunstall end and park in the caravan site carpark

    Best check this first with the organizer though mate :yes:
  6. jock74

    jock74 New Member

    Cheers m8, will do, Jock
  7. baza

    baza New Member

    would anyone object to me and five friends joining in, one other is a forum member, we have changed our match venue from seahouses to holderness and why not join you lads and lasses
  8. Jellyworm

    Jellyworm Rockling

    N o problems...you pays your money you takes your chances :happy:

    Jock no problems at all....i just want everyone to have registered by 11.00 then I will issue tickets and everyone can make their way to where they choose to fish by whatever means. Boundries from the road end to the boat slip so plenty of beach to go at.
  9. SAGE

    SAGE always trying...... some say very trying !!!!!

    its 7 am and i am out of bed , just pulling myself together with a coffee and a smoke, its raining outside, and i have to sort my gear and bait out then i will pick my mate keith up and set off about 8am for the 140 mile journey down.
    good luck to all who enter the comp...well hopefully not as much luck as i have !!!!! ( i will need it against all you top anglers who know the marks )
    cant wait to put faces to some of the names and have a bit banter with you lot
    see you lot in a couple of hours
  10. Jellyworm

    Jellyworm Rockling

    Nice one Sage, see you later, i ve been awake since 5.00am pre match excitement...lol
  11. SAGE

    SAGE always trying...... some say very trying !!!!!

    look forward to meeting you later jelly ...what did you have to mention excitement for....starting to feel like a kid on christmas morning....lol..
  12. carpyken

    carpyken New Member

    What a great day even though the fish were few and far between, good fun though, nice to meet a whole heap of you. Have we any results as yet seeing I was hard-core and stayed on to fish another hour of so :cheesy: .
  13. robq

    robq Rockling

    5 skate caught plus some other bits and bobs in out of 25 anglers, hounds didnt show today :sad: Mine skate was the smallest at 40cm and I was 5th I think. Just out of the brass :sad:
    The biggest was 59cm
    I am sure Worm will have a full report with pics up soon, once he has has downed a few cold beverages !! :cheesy: :cheesy:
  14. Jellyworm

    Jellyworm Rockling

    Well the big day arrived and after little sleep due to the pre-match nerves time to get everything ready..reels double checked,rods sorted bait flasks full full English breakfast cooked and devoured...lol

    Sage was also up bright and early and ready for the long drive South with his mate Keith.....( if he joins the forum should consider "Crack off" as a username..lol :canadian: :canadian:)

    The meeting place was already busy when I arrived about 10.00 a few hoping for the early ticket and best spot choice on the beach but holding back a bit seemed to work and gave everyone a fair crack at where to go.

    I was expecting about 10 or so anglers to actually turn up but by close of tickets we had 25 anglers in total, 6 guests plus the following forum members:

    Jellyworm. + Kim
    Peeping John
    Phil D
    Briggaz jnr

    So with everyone paid up and issued tickets/measures we headed for the beach, Jock had asked if he could photograph his own fish as he was fishing down at Tunstall and after first checking his camera for stray pics of Spraggs he given the ok....lol.. :wink: :wink:
    The tide was well down exposing the sand banks and gullies so we were spoilt for choice. The anglers roughly split into two groups one group opting for the Northern area with the good sand banks . Whereas the other half headed for the Southern section nearer to Tunstall where the banks were much lower and a better chance of fishing into water for the whole of the match. Wendyhouses up and at the ready for the thunderstorms.

    Jellyworm caught Robq practising his new backswing stepround....very ballet-esq..lol

    Mind you I think the fishing Gods where watching me giggling because as soon as the match started jelly managed to blow two reels up in the first two casts before I calmed down and got a grip..instant Karma dealt out by the Gods...that'll teach me.. :surprise: :surprise:

    The fishing got off to a very very warm start with the added joy of a plague of money spiders drifting on the slight breeze.
    The sea looked spot on for a few summer fish.....time would tell if that was going to be the case or not?

    First off the mark from the Northern anglers anyway...was Crackoff...sorry Keith who winkled out a small Turbot (26 cm) but at least it was a fish.

    The anglers where well spread out and so we had the ground covered for them to show.......unless a certain Holderness regular has been over feeding those Hounds ? :wink: :wink:

    I managed to get into a steady rhythm reels sorted and crab baits alternating with fish/squid baits to cover the bases.

    I d like to say that the day was full of historic battles with Smoothies a plenty but to be honest it wasn't ...well none were caught actually....big disappointment there with that one.

    The Northern section had a slight break whilst the tide filled the gulley to the main beach, but only around half an hour, Ken leaving it till chest height before wading across the lagoon.

    As the fishing was quiet the travelers from up North set about having a party with a BBQ set up on the beach drawing their mates from the other end of the venue with the smell of bacon and sausages wafting on the breeze.The word from them being that it was also very qt down at the other end .

    The hours slipped by quicky in the usual manner when fishing.....why doesn't a work day go that quickly ?? :sad:

    Before we knew it we where into the final run in to the end of the match when Robq ran to his wendy house in a state of complete focus and was soon into a fish. Not a monster but a fish at least...was it switching on at last ?



    As Rob was stretching his Thorny another one came to the lads to our right part of the entourage from up Nth so there were some fish in front of us now, just how many?

    The re-baiting and casting....and cracking off continued right to the last knockings when we saw Shammy adopt the familiar crouch of a bite.After a bit of wait he wound down and hit it...was it a Smoothie ,a Hound or just snagged. Shammy kept us waiting as he carefully played the fish in not wanting to lose it at the late stage of the match !
    "How long left ?" Shouted Woody and as the fight drew to a close and a nice sized Thornback flopped onto the beach Shammy had landed it with TWO minutes to go....talk about leaving it late. Woody then did his best to try and attach his own line to the fish as it was coming in but Shammys angling skills prevented him succeeding...lol
    Well it looked like a winner and went 58 cm wing tip to tip a nice fish of around 6-7 lb.



    One happy lad there! :happy:

    So with the fish measured and released we all wound in and climbed back up those lovely Holderness cliffs to see what had been caught.

    Good to see so many come back to congratulate the lads who actually caught as it was a hard day with more blanking than catching.

    The final results were :

    1st- Tricky 999 (Rich). 59 cm Thornback. (£63.00)
    2nd- Shammy (Wayne). 58 cm Thornback. (£37.00)
    3rd- Aaron Dixon (Guest). 42 cm Thornback. (£25.00)

    others to weigh/measure in were :

    Dabcatcher- 41 cm (flounder and a Rockling)
    Robq- 40cm ( Thornback)
    Phild- 39cm (Whiting)
    Keith Rain (Guest/Crackoff)-28 cm ( Turbot)

    A couple of yours truly handing out the winners prizes well deserved on a hard day where perseverence paid off.

    Steve accepted the winners money as Tricky had to dash off early to his expecting wife.

    Shammy 2nd.

    3rd Aaron, really pleased one of the lads who had made the long drive South had something to show for the day.

    Big thankyou to all who turned out shame the fish didn t behave but hey thats fishing...we'll have to look at a winter rock match when I find a weekend that doesn't have an open on it.

    Cheers to all. Jellyworm.
  15. Steve

    Steve Rockling

    here it is the winning fish at 59cm
  16. robq

    robq Rockling

    Great report and pics as usual mate :yes:

    Big thanks must go to yourself and Kim for putting in the effort to plan and organise a match :yes: Its usually a thankless task !!

    Its a shame that the holderness didnt really show what it can do for the lads who travelled a LONG way down from the Northeast. but rthat just typifies the summer beach fishing for me !! very hit and miss :whatever: :whatever:

    I just hope you sort your reels out for the festival matches mate :surprise: :surprise: :cheesy: :cheesy:
  17. Jellyworm

    Jellyworm Rockling

    Lol....god knows what that was Rob....as the rest of the match faultless.......I m blaming nerves...lol.....can t be oil or blocks...lol....... :wink:
  18. woody

    woody New Member

    Woody then did his best to try and attach his own line to the fish as it was coming in but Shammys angling skills prevented him succeeding...lol think you will find shammy had one of his oppertunistic poaching last cast in to my swim lol :whistle:great day nice to to meet a few new faces ken , rob ect .. shame the fish werent playing ball but very well organized ! well done to all that caught !! :happy:
  19. trickie999

    trickie999 New Member

    Hi guys great days fishing sorry i couldnt be there for the prize giving had to get back to the expecting wife, one bite one fish 59cm caught on razor and crab, hope to see everyone at the next forum match, how about a rock venue next.
    thanks jellyworm for great match
    richie :tease: :tease: :tease:
  20. macky

    macky New Member

    Well done to all who fished
    and well done to J.W and kim for organising it.

    will make the next one

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