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For the record-Autumn 2012 daily top 3 results

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Jimthefloat, Apr 15, 2014.

  1. Jimthefloat

    Jimthefloat Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    08th Sept-1st-Michael Clarke-Barnsley-18lb-02oz-Ling-Never Can Tee 'A'
    2nd-Michael Clarke-Barnsley-17lb-01 1/2oz-Ling-Never Can Tell 'A'
    3rd-Colin Wilcock-Skipton-16lb-00oz-Ling Charisma

    09th Sept-1st-Mick Dellin-South Shields-19lb-13 1/2oz-Ling-Jean 'K'
    2nd-Kenneth Flood-South Shields-19lb-08oz-Ling-Jean 'K'
    3rd-Tom Hayward-Louth-15lb-15 1/2oz-Ling-Never Can Teel 'A'

    10th Sept-1st-Andrew Cass-Whitby-14lb-12oz-Ling-Two Dogs
    Joint 2nd-Graham Clarke-Scrayingham (York)-13lb-09 1/2oz-Ling-Sea Urchin 2
    Joint 2nd-Paul Brittan-Whitby-13lb-09 1/2oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2

    11th Sept-Cancelled

    12th Sept-1st-Ben Laws-Whitby-18lb-11oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111
    2nd-Andy Officer-Hull-18lb-07oz-Ling-Mistress
    3rd-Jason Eyden-Coventry-16lb-07 1/2oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2

    13th Sept-1st-Andrew Lister-Pontefract-13lb04 1/2oz-Cod-Sea Otter 2
    2nd-S. Spencer-Pontefract-12lb-05oz-Cod-Sea Otter 2
    3rd-Glen Cooper-Hull-11lb-12 1/2oz-Ling-Jean 'K'

    14th Sept-Cancelled

    15th Sept-1st-Melvyn Pearson-Huddersfield-16lb-11oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2
    2nd-Richard Oates-Huddersfield-16lb-09 1/2oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2
    3rd-Paul Siddle-Hull-16lb-00oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111

    16th Sept-1st-John Wilcock-Bradford-21lb-05 1/2oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111
    Joint 2nd-John Rees-Doncaster-14lb-10 1/2oz-Cod-Two Dogs
    Joint 2nd-Mick Timlin-Wakefield-14lb-10 1/2oz-Ling-Two Dogs

    17th Sept-1st-Richard Sutcliffe-Doncaster-13lb-03oz-Cod-Sea Otter 2
    2nd-Neil Bailey-Pontefract-09lb-13oz-Cod-Sea Urchin 2
    3rd-Craig Riley-Halifax-07lb-08 1/2oz-Cod-Two Dogs

    18th Sept-Cancelled

    19th Sept-Cancelled

    20th Sept-1st-Chris Gibson-Accrington-19lb-12 1/2oz-Ling-Mistress
    2nd-Chris Goff-Windermere-15lb-14 1/2oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2
    3rd-Michael Myers-Ampleside-11lb-15 1/2oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2

    21st Sept-Cancelled

    22nd-Sept-1st-Brain Towle-Hull-23lb-11 1/2oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111 WINNER
    2nd-Alan Greenwood-York-16lb-04 1/2oz-Ling-Mistress
    3rd-Raymond Cook-Grimsby-15lb-04 1/2oz-Ling-Mistress

    23rd Sept-1st-Ian Mcvittie-Carlisle-15lb-07oz-Cod-Trot On
    2nd-John Wilcock-Bradford-12lb-04oz-Ling-Shy Torque 111
    3rd-Stephen Gillespie-Doncaster-10lb-06 1/2oz-Ling-Sea Otter 2
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