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Flamborough Kayak Meet 2014 Match Report And Results

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by stonefish, Aug 26, 2014.

  1. stonefish

    stonefish Any fool can criticise , complain and most fool do

    Flamborough Kayak Meet 2014 Match Report And Results

    Sunday 24th August saw the saw the meeting of nearly 60 kayak anglers at South Landing, Flamborough ,The most northerly point on the Holderness coastline.

    The quest was simple , Raise money for good causes and catch fish !

    Conditions for the day were good ,with clear water ,not much wind , small swells this match could be any ones,s ,only the tide would prevent the not so brave to venture to the holy fishing grounds of the Flamorough Head


    The Brief

    Just before 10 am , Stonefish gave the talk on safety , boundary , times etc

    It was decided that reward would be made for the safe return of fish if the angler wanted, dead fish counted but we had a conversion table for the measured ones and they would be counted , Maybe not a match to every ones taste ,But to give return anglers a fair crack this was Stonefish,s way

    The safety boat was Jasper and would go to the angler if needed ,A call on channel 10 was all that was needed
    The match was broken in to 3 parts , Biggest Fish , Best Flatfish , Best Released Bass

    The match would start at the end of the brief and off the water at 4 pm

    Competitors were asked if they had any questions etc , It was clear after the match 50 did understand 9 did not


    On Your Marks

    With the drone deployed for the spying measures of safety , At 10 am the kayak anglers launched


    Eye In The Sky

    The spy cam was capable of going to 1000 ft in these conditions so it could cover a massive area and take some great shots for the film later

    Like a wasp it buzzed though the kayak anglers with mixed reaction





    lets Get Fishing

    We knew the conditions we had been given would produce fish and within a few minutes we had heard of a flatfish
    That would make George from Tronixpro very happy as he had sponsored the HOW flatty section
    The ice bucket the HOW UK team were gonna pour over him was gonna make him unhappy so a good balance I feel





    Fishathon 2014

    It was clear that rays were being targeted by some anglers as reports over the radio were saying so and jasper the safety boat was buzzing around form angler to angler , No bass had been reported , Stonefish launched to investigate the bass situation , as a bass shore match was running along side this match he needed to know and seeing all those kayaks fishing was making him itch

    Ooochh Whats That Oh A Weaver Fish Dam It

    The How UK Team had 5 boats on the water 4 very nice chaps with great skill and courage oh and Simon Evverett
    A call had come over that one of the HOW Team was injured by a weaver fish in the hand ,,There was even worse news ,,IT was not Simon !

    The safety boat was around the head just out of radio shot of Simon making the call , the message was relayed and Eric ,Jaspers Driver woke from his fishing trance and full throttle went to save the life of this Hero on the water

    These guy,s play tennis with land mines , and a mere weaver fish was not gonna stop them
    the guy was a brave solider and fault on through his pain ,,thats how VC,s are won and flamborogh too

    Jasper was not needed and went back to measuring the many fish


    More Rays Than A Tanning Salon

    The rays were biting and fighting , with some getting a good few , The lady anglers were doing well too with rays saying hello to a very bewildered Lizzy Deanes , James Conroy was very happy fly his new kite that Jackson kayaks Mike Taylor had got him


    Building Flats At Flamborough

    The flattys were chomping and that side of the event was gonna be close with flatfish being from 25cm now it would e some good ones at the weigh in

    Bass What Bass

    With still no reports of bass Stonefish was headed up the south side of the head to find out the score , there were many shore anglers trying to find there place in the history books lining the shore , strike one a bass on the plug , with 5 catch and release shore anglers on the rocks watching he thought i better pop it back , and cast again in to another ,,this then repeated 5 more times ,,location and plug details were given so the other angler may be able to catch a few a throw em back for the shore lads to try

    Thank You For Your Help Bass Go Free

    Carl Bevearge had done him self proud and caught one of these bass and set it free

    He was not to know then how well this this decision would be

    The Nigel Savage part of the match was a catch and release bass thing , This is how Nigel fished Flamborough and in his way this would be how Stonefish would dish out the prizes



    That Crown Is Slipping Oh King

    Last years winner Mark Radcliffe had a lot to loose , mainly bragging rights to the other kayak teams, His arsenal of bait and rigs was not letting him down , Tronix had supplied him well but could he win again !
    With him knowing that it would be super close as he had a big ray on board his paddle pants were getting browner and his crown looking shakey


    Team Tatics

    With this years comp we had many teams in it ,Ocean Kayak ,JK , HOW , RTM and a few more
    Would the sponsored boys win or would it be a sole entry

    Team RTM,s Jeff eliot had also got a ray , Team Ocean had the brown apple splatters and fishing was hard work with all that imodedium

    How was in pain , And JK,s king was worried


    The End Is Nigh

    With half an hour to go Stone fish gave the call 30 mins and so on for every 5 mins till 4 pm
    The anglers came ashore and headed to the prize giving and weigh in at wold farm
    It was at this point the safety boat had said all anglers had not returned with a few still paddling back from the head
    It was clear that 9 of the anglers had misinterpreted the rules , not got a watch or just struggled to get back in time against the tide
    Stonefish did what any official would do and disqualified them , Making him very popular with the anglers

    At The Weigh In

    Wold Farm Campsite was where the prize giving would be held
    The shore side of the match had the prizes given out
    And The fish were measured , photos looked at and results tallied with the held of Steve Beech
    The results were so close a re way was needed for the 2 winning fish , It was so tight!


    The long Awaited Results

    The Nigel Savage Released Bass

    Carl Beverage

    The Tronixpro ,How UK Flatty Comp

    8th Colin Welburn
    7th Dan Edmonds
    6th Dane Wood (HOW)
    5th Dale Hewitt
    4th Simon Adams
    3rd Steve Beech
    2nd Jeff Eliot (RTM)
    1st Mark Radcliffe (JK)

    The Biggest Fish

    10th Gary Kirkham (ecka), Mike Taylor (ecka) (JK)
    9th Graham Scott(ecka)
    8th Carl Simpson (ecka)
    7th Andrew Board (ecka)
    6th Lizzy Deanes (ecka) (lady)
    5th Simon Adams
    4th James Conroy (ecka)
    3rd Matty Boland (ecka)
    2nd Mark Radcliffe (ecka) (JK)
    1st Jeff Elliot (ecka) (RTM)

    The 1st prize was an Emotion 11 Angler Kayak , given by White Water Consultancy for a 9 lb 3 and half ounce ra

    The total raised for good causes was £ 1362.00




    Stonefish,s Thoughts Of The Meet

    The match went well ,we raised a good amount of money

    I would like to thank all the people who gave prizes to the meet and all the people who came

    I leave the running of this meet now and settle in to a normal life , the event running has seen ups and downs and the 9 people that could not weigh in was deffo a down , it gave me no satisfaction doing it and have upset people I like and care about

    I am pleased with my choice for anglers being able to release the fish as much weight went back down for another day as ended up at the weigh in.

    With the years leading up to this one we have now raised over 5 grand for good causes with Flamborough Kayak Meet .Well Done

  2. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    LOOKS LIKE the event is becoming very popular now, well done on persevering with it. I see you have a drone ?? Can I ask which one and what camera is used with it please ??
  3. stonefish

    stonefish Any fool can criticise , complain and most fool do

    im not real sure of the drone ,,think it was a predetor , it was not mine ,but id like one
    the camera was a go pro hero 3
  4. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    They are kool, Im after one myself. Well done to all who took part in the match and to this years winner. Havent been down to Flamborough for a lot of years now. Must do it soon.

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