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Fishing from shore on Isle of Skye

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by DiLegs, May 24, 2014.

  1. DiLegs

    DiLegs Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best


    We are going to Isle of Skye next week with the family. I'm quite eager to do some sea fishing from the shore while there. Now, I have not done much fishing in the UK before (apart from little angling, crayfishing etc in England) so just want to test my thinking and also any advice would be very much appreciated.

    My understanding is that no permits are needed for sea fishing in the UK (?) and that there are no seasonal restrictions? I do not have any equipment with me but was hoping to purchase a rod and a reel (and lures) while there. There seem to be specialised shops to do this (e.g. Rod & Reel). I found some websites for spots but I guess the shops would give advice as well esp re child friendly locations. Any thoughts on this would be great. We are camping in the south east of the island. I'm bringing a smoker with me for the catch. What would I expect to catch? Pollock?

    Many thanks for any thoughts, advice, etc! Cheers!
  2. lipslicker

    lipslicker Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Buy all your gear before you get there, is the first thing. No fishing tackle shops to speak of on Skye, or within a good hundred miles.
    Pollock and mackerel are your best bet, I guess.
    Head to north-west or south-west coast, not east, so casting into deeper water.
    Pollock like very slowly, steadily drawn lures, at depth usually. Eels or shiny things, like Toby's and Dexters.
    Mackerel take very small dexters at distance, on surface. Traditional lure action. Think 10g Dexters casted as far as you can.

    Lure rod. 9-10 ft, 10-40g (ask around, but you should find good one for £70)
    Reel - Shimano Exage 4000? (£50?)
    10lb clear mono

    10g dexters.
    Toby lures 10-25g
    Savage Gear weighted eels, red tails with cone heads, deep diving lures.

    £150 should see you kitted out.
    Best fishing in the country, or close to it.
  3. young casper

    young casper Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    i picked a ron thomson tyran up last summer in the uk, cost me 40 quid,, nice rod , iv use it on sea trout cod pollock and any thinh else that takes lures, get your self on ebay for some lures befor you go you can get some great deals, i orderd lures last week and got them this week in norway,,
  4. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    As Lipslicker says and no disrespect to the shops on the island posing as tackle shops, but buy everything you need before you get there or you will be seriously disappointed. You dont need any licence or permit, whevere you should note that shark like species have to be returned as they are protected. That includes Tope and Spurdogs which are highly likely to make an appearance.

    A serious quote from the tackle shop in Dunvegan.

    Me - "Do you sell plugs"
    Owner - "Noboddy does course fishing on this island"

    Me -"Do you sell bait"
    Owner - "Noboddy bait fishes on this island"

    The equipment Lipslicker advises will serve you ok in water around 40ft

    If you fish Neist point then you need the ability to get to the bottem and stay there. Dont expect fish up near the surface as its in excess of 100ft deep. Fishing there with heavy rock rod and weights of 6 or 7 oz would be advised. Pin a mackerel bait on the bottom and anything could turn up, as Dan found out on our first visit to the Island


    This is our video from our first trip. Watch it right through and you should enjoy it


    Myself and Miff are heading up there next Friday for a week and then our Gang, The Whitby Bass Club will be there for 2 weeks in July. My tackle for the trips is roughly as follows :

    Bushwhacker Spinning Rod
    Half dozen Abu Toby's upto 50g
    Sidewinder shads In Rhubarb And Custard
    Small Sandeel like Sidewinder Shads
    A Large Selection of Jellyworms (Essential)
    20 Yo Zuri Crystal minnows, Largely in red Head Or Green Mackerel Pattern
    Mass More Soft Plastics in various shapes sizes and colours
    20 packs of Daylights to catch mackerel for bait

    Greys Nitra And Penn 535 For Conger Fishing

    Greys 17ft Rod and Penn Battle For fishing a bit further out targeting Tope, Ling, Spurdogs etc

    My new Shimano 10ft Spinning Rod, upto 5 oz. Might target the spurdogs and Thornbacks on this.

    50 Grip Leads In Various Sizes Upto 7oz

    Plus lots more.

    When we go up in July we will also be kayack and small boat fishing.

    You may also find these links useful

  5. DiLegs

    DiLegs Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Wow :) ! Thanks a million for all the information, links and advice! Super helpful and really appreciated! I'll keep you posted on how things go. Thanks again!
  6. DiLegs

    DiLegs Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Thanks again for all the advice and information! Just got back from Isle of Skye.

    First, what a great place and nice people! The whole family fell in love with the island! Given the time limitations the only chance to buy any gear was on the way there in Fort William. I went to the fishing tackle shop on the High Street (can’t remember the name). Given that I was starting from scratch and did not want to upset the wifey I got a cheap rod & reel combo at around £35. Overall worked out OK. As for lures, I got tobys, dexter wedge, various types of sandeels, etc and few other bits. Now, given that it was a family camping trip fishing had to slotted in between and around other activities, walks, etc. Nevertheless I/we did manage to put the rod into action in Neist point, Staffin and Rubh an Dunain (the peninsula next to Glenn Brittle).

    Below's a couple of observations and lessons (for me) from the experience:

    -Apparently it’s a bit early for mackerel. For me (and others I saw) Pollock seemed to be the main catch.
    -I should have followed your for advice and get a stronger line (!). Well I eventually did get a stronger one (10lb) but didn’t have time to replace it on the last day. The one that came with the rod says is up to 6lb. My line snapped once or twice. Once it was a clean cut while I was trying to bring the fish in. Second time the fish got the line tangled up in the seaweed in front of the rocks I was standing on. Both lures were Tobys. Other than that lost a few other lures to what I suspect was seaweed, etc in the bottom of the sea.
    -A net would have been v useful (!).
    -Tobys seemed to work the best. I tried some of the more colourful sandeels, spinners (?) etc but with little result.
    -The day we planned to smoke fish we had a flat tyre (plus a stuck nut…) and got back to the campsite v late. So instead we grilled our catch (Pollock) on the campfire and had it with lemon and salad. Quite plain taste but fresh and nice! In the end it probably wasn’t quicker than using the smoker (for which you don’t need to wait for charcoal to form…). But hope to put the smoker in use next time.
    -In terms of places: Rubh an Dunain is a great place with few other people around. It’s c. 5km walk from the Glenn Brittle campsite/”carpark” so we carried the kids almost all the way there and back. There is a path to the peninsula but once on RaD there is none. We fished north-west direction from the little lake (?) around the broad bay including on the rock peninsula. We did not go the very end (west side) of the peninsula. In Staffin parked next to the pier and went to the wider/larger peninsula further to the east. Water seemed deeper on the east & north side. This place has the easiest access and seemed quite popular. In Neist Point I was first in the south west and south parts of the peninsula until I was told that they are the worst places (?). Then tried the east side (on the side of the light house) with deeper water but still got nothing there (!). We saw a seal here in the first place which made the day! Raasay was v nice but not sure if there are any fishing spots there (didn’t have rod with me that day) and saw many bays good that maybe good foraging, mussels etc (?).
    -Probably a bit naff point but certainly realised how easy it is to get cut off by the tide especially when on the rock peninsulas (Staffin and Rubh an Dunain). This almost happened while in Staffin with the canal like feature/ depression cutting across the peninsula started filling up. Still managed to jump across but 15-20mins later would have probably needed to walk through the water. Also, needless to say, good to be careful with the tidal waves hitting the rocks.

    Already plotting the next outing! And what’s best, the kids (or our oldest at least) as well as wife seem keen as well. Thanks again!

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