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Fishing At Ravenscar

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Baramundi Bob, Dec 10, 2008.

  1. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!


    A few familiar faces in this one.
  2. go go gadget

    go go gadget New Member

    nice fish for ray :happy:
  3. GJW

    GJW Rockling

    It really is an awesome place, i love it down there and i wish i lived a bit closer as i would fish it at every opportunity looking for that monster cod... :surprise: :happy:
  4. Ramsrod

    Ramsrod Rockling

    It,s rubbish so keep away :cheesy:
  5. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Next weeks installment is Boggle Hole = Cod Hole.
  6. harrythecod

    harrythecod Rockling

    Will look forward to that glen 'ravenscar is one place i han't fished yet .but intend to this winter hope to persuade garry to take me there :whistle :whistle:: :whistle:
  7. baza

    baza New Member

    which hole is boggle hole? last time i was at ravenscar i was having a mooch with our lass. and on the way out of ravenscar i took a right at the b&b and drove all the way to a car park at the bottom, there was signs saying no overnight parking, i walked down a few steps and there was a bridge over a beck at the bottom and a little beach. looking on microsoft live where i was theres a big hole. is this it?
  8. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    No thats stoupe beck. Beware the crazy lady at the farm.

    Boggle is nearer bay. Been there tonight without a whole lot of luck other than my bag washning in.
  9. baza

    baza New Member

    thats right i remember a sign saying stoupe beck farm? can you park there on a night glen? crazy lady?
  10. ducky

    ducky maybe one day...

    that women is not crazy she off the rails. i went walking down there with my dog and had my old mans and thats 3 labs all running around and she truned round to me as she was looking in her little honesty box for the parking. that no dogs are allowed down there... :laugh: :laugh: :ugly:

    i now a few people that have had a crossing with her and they all say she wacko :laugh:
  11. quint

    quint Watch out Emperor Zorg's about

    I park at Boggle Hole and walk across the track and down to the beck, especially if I'm going to be late - you seen the film "misery", that bitch looks like her and it wouldn't surprise me if she would cripple some poor geezer, mad as fook
  12. baza

    baza New Member

    ive just had a look on multimap, i see where your coming from quint, is your car ok parked in the car park after dark.
  13. quint

    quint Watch out Emperor Zorg's about

    I've had no problems Baza
  14. Jellyworm

    Jellyworm Rockling

    I know a few folk on here haven t been to Ravenscar so here are few of my pics from down Blea Wyke and a couple I think are Lady Green Rock on the fronts down there:
    Expect to look something like this when you ve done the climb back up !

    Really is an awesome place...the get downs require a lung bustin effort both up and down , if you have been down Port Mulgrave but not BleaWyke ...times the effort of Port by about 4 and then some !!
  15. bucko

    bucko New Member

    I'm not so bad with the going back up until I get to the golf course then it knacks me.
    That bench at the top of the cliff is there for a very good reason though.
  16. Benq23

    Benq23 Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Is the rope still there......anyone been down recently?
  17. ducky

    ducky maybe one day...

    why dont u park the car on the side of the road on the golf course?????

    i am sure u can i will ask my old man he is the gardener and his other half is the head gardener..

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