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Fish frenzy at North Bay

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Easy Yakker, Sep 3, 2014.

  1. Easy Yakker

    Easy Yakker simply messing about in boats

    I thought it would be useful to try fishing North Bay before the Scarborough match to get an idea of the area and the sort of things to expect.

    So I was really pleased when Spawney Dave offered to accompany me and show me some of the species you can catch there (and more importantly how to catch them). We launched yesterday at about 14.30 and headed north, trolling for pollack.

    I was using a Yo Zuri which usually does pretty well at Runswick and Sandsend, whilst Dave disappeared under his hatch, sureptitously attached a mystery plug and cast in before I could see what was going on.

    Whatever it was it was pretty effective because after 40 minutes paddling he had managed five pollack and a coley to my nothing, including this nice fish of just under 6 lb.


    But the man is a perfect gentleman and recognising my plight, he offered me his other identical plug explaining it was the last of its kind, there had only been two ever made and the factory making them had gone bust.

    Well it made a huge difference; Dave predicted I would have a fish in 10 minutes but he was wrong because I had one in 5 and from that point on it was a pollack or coley every 10 minutes.

    We decided to head back, with Dave taking a route close in to try for bass and me going further out to jig for cod. The third drop brought this nice 4 lb fish and I was happy with that, so headed back to meet Dave.


    It was close to dusk as we were neared the launch point and that was when the frenzy started.

    Dave got a nice pollack and almost immediately I had one as well. So we circled back and the same thing happened and for the next 30 minutes we just paddled round pulling out reasonable sized pollack and quite small coley.

    If was almost dark when we landed, I've no idea how many fish we caught, with most returned and me taking six pollack and the cod back for tea (including yet another donation of the 6 lb pollack for Dave).

    So what more can you ask really. A good long paddle, loads of advice, good company, a mystery lure and of course lots of fish - who said chivalry is dead! With fishing this good, the Scarborough match should throw up some big fish.
  2. Spawney-Dave

    Spawney-Dave Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    nice day Nigel, hope the weather plays ball for the match, should be a few nice fish as plenty of decent cod on the land rock as well
  3. Ramsrod

    Ramsrod Rockling

    Well done nigel pleased you managed to get into a few fish. Its odd how some plugs fish better up north than they do around here, very strange ???
  4. mystic girl

    mystic girl Blenny

    I was at south bay and half way round the drive at the same time. Losts of small codling and Mackys. I didn't try any plugs, just bouncing on the bottom shads and feathers. See you at the match and lets hope for some good weather


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