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First carp from the yak

Discussion in 'Fresh Water Fishing Pictures' started by spud, Jul 7, 2011.

  1. spud

    spud New Member

    Not Quit the north east but north west river mersey to be exact :surprise:


    Taken on float fished Sweet Corn in 2ft of water. Always see big fish on the way in too the old river on the right hand bank just as you go in. David was down at the usual bream mark further down so on the way down I pre baited the swim. Returned about 3hrs later and ghosted in you have to be so quit not easy on a fibre glass boat every noise being amplified through the hull and spooking the carp. Flicked the float out and into a good bream float out again and waited for the fish to return to the swim. 10 mins later bit of moment on the float something is nosing around float slowly goes under followed by a big tail swirly on the surface as the fish moves of with the bait. Lift the rod and set the hook game on. Line streaming from the reel fish heading up the old river can’t stop it not enough back bone in my very light float rod so head off after it. It’s heading around the corner and has gone deep in the hole 24ft down. Once off the bank I’m soon over the top of it and in control or so i thought. Start to try and get its head up and it did not like that and it bolted for the river mouth and far bank had no option but to give it line and go for a ride had the rod bent double a good bow wake from the front of the Dorado and it was still stripping line but at least it was just sub surface now with big tail patterns on the surface water. It made the far bank and was hiding in the reeds. Now to get it on the boat landing net out and try as i might could not get it in due to its size. Had to get it in tail first which took a couple of attempts thought i was going to lose it at the side of the boat. Fish finally on the boat after a 15min fight and its huge wish i had some scales next on shopping list quick photo and it’s back over the side and swims off strong.
    Have to say I’m hooked forget the pike fishing there pussy cats. Have had some big fish from the sea and carping from the yak is up there with them. If anybody wants me I’m on the river with my carp goggles on.
  2. carpyken

    carpyken New Member

    Brilliant stuff George, so it will be hair rigged Trigga boilies next time out :cheesy:? Bloody nice big mirror, I wonder how they got in the river?

  3. spud

    spud New Member

    Some monsters in there the section i have been fishing is untouched have seen plenty of bigger fish :yes:
  4. Sambo

    Sambo To the MAX!

    Excellent stuff! she's a beauty.

    I was out kayak fishing for Perch/Pike yesterday, nothing of any size on both counts. However I did spot about a dozen Carp throughout the day, biggest was a 20lb+ common that didn't seem bothered by the yak. think I'll be taking the mixers next time I'm out :yes:

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