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Fewe shooting pictures

Discussion in 'Non Fishing Chat' started by go go gadget, May 7, 2010.

  1. go go gadget

    go go gadget New Member

    Interesting reading that foo :happy: WRT the rats, managed to shoot 4 over the last week, baiting them out with crumbled bread :wink:
  2. foo

    foo You've gotta be in it to win it.

    Good stuff Dan, I might have to get the old faithful out when I get home.My next door neighbour said he saw a rat come out from my decking and go back under again last week.
  3. go go gadget

    go go gadget New Member

    Get the bugger shot then lol. I had a walk down the hens last week and there were 5 of them, just running in the shed and nicking the corn :surprise: So i put 2 traps down and sat a few night with the gun and ended up with 4 to the gun and 12 in the traps. Only getting the odd ones in the trap now so looks like i got most of them :happy:

    Tightlines and good shooting


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