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ferreting with this years brood

Discussion in 'Non Fishing Chat' started by trungdien, Aug 12, 2017 at 6:54 PM.

  1. trungdien

    trungdien New Member

    i managed to get 2 young jills for my son early in the year , so he wanted to got out yesterday with them...
    they are small polecat
    pics from earlier this year..

    both are very small and i had doubts whether they would be able to shift stubborn rabbits.. but this would minimise the risks of killing underground..

    we went local just to try them out again... the last time the darker one of two managed to bolt rabbits straight away and seemed to be the better worker of the two

    we did a couple of easy sets.. 5 or so holes on the disused railway line...
    after letting Lee net up he tried the lighter jill first.. after a few tries it eventually went to ground.. then the familiar
    bumping could be heard.. but no bolt.. so he tried the darker one... within minutes there was a rabbit in the net..

    we moved onto the next set... ...it was a exact copy of the first situation...lighter jill moved them about but they didnt bolt.. the darker jill then bolted the rabbit...
    now with 2 rabbits in the bag we decided to go home... out for 1 hour ...2 rabbits for the pot... a bit more experiance for the ferrets and everything fine.... no doubt the more graft they get.. the better they will become....


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