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Favourite Films.

Discussion in 'Non Fishing Chat' started by Baramundi Bob, May 12, 2007.

  1. Sambo

    Sambo To the MAX!

    forgot to mention:

    Kill Bill 1 & 2
    Terminator 2
  2. rusty1

    rusty1 New Member

    300!!!! an absolute epic of a film
  3. shammy67

    shammy67 only dead fish go with the flow

    my faves are:
    the CODfather
    trading PLAICEs
    bWRASSEd off!
    king CONG(ER)!!! :laugh: :laugh: :laugh:
  4. Rubby Dubby

    Rubby Dubby Blenny

    :clown: lol
    I feel there's something fishy goin on here!!!
  5. boro boy

    boro boy Blenny

  6. langy

    langy Rockling

    green mile is mint and shawshank redemption are my oldie favs :happy:
  7. j sutton

    j sutton New Member

    snatch, lock stock 2 smoking barrels,green street ,football factory and 300
  8. fishergirl

    fishergirl Blenny

    quite surprised there arent any porn film titles on here :kiss:
  9. go go gadget

    go go gadget New Member

    there ya go fishergirl :yes:
  10. fishergirl

    fishergirl Blenny

    aah thanx for that Makes sense now :whatever:
  11. shammy67

    shammy67 only dead fish go with the flow

    hows about a womb with a view!! :canadian:

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