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E.A License

Discussion in 'Fresh Water Fishing Website Reviews And Links' started by woldedge, Mar 12, 2008.

  1. woldedge

    woldedge New Member

    The E.A have now got the 2008/2009 licences on their website.
    Guess what! Another price rise. Salmon & Sea Trout up from £66.50 to £68.
    I would really like to know exactly where my money goes to apart from contributing to the huge bonus the bosses in the E.A get.

  2. Davo

    Davo Rockling

    I know what you mean kate.
    One of the ways they use the money is to sail up and down the Tees cynically implying that me and my two mates were poachers, while we were out having a walk near to the Barrage. Mind you, the bloke who accused us, thought he was Sinbad the Sailor and made sure he was not on dry land at the time. Only 200 yards away there were thousands of salmon and Sea Trout getting hammered by Seals-but that obviously dont matter. Incompetence to say the least.
  3. Sambo

    Sambo To the MAX!

    I know that some of the money from the EA license does go to restocking and general works on rivers, etc but like Kate mentioned you really do wonder where the rest goes. I wonder if the EA bosses drive around in Merc company cars whilst counting their latest big bonus :angry:

    What gets me is the EA mostly only visit commericals or holiday park lakes where they know there is a better chance of catching people without a license, in turn making more money. The people that are purposely dodging the license deserve a fine but it's the people that don't know any better, people on holiday, etc.

    It will be the same if (when) they bring out the sea fishing license, all they will do is visit Whitby pier every day in summer fining all the tourists that have just bought a cheap rod whilst on their hols. Easy money for them, you won't find them climbing down ropes to get to rock marks will you :no:
  4. woldedge

    woldedge New Member

    If the money they receive and they say that it goes back into the restoration of river habitat etc, of which I hoped it does but know not alot of money goes back, then why has Ruswarp weir not be cleared for years. Everytime you drive past there is another huge tree or something that has lodge itself. How are fish supposed to be able to run the weir if it is blocked with debris.
    I'm sure it wouldn't take long to clear the weir, but as far as can see they cannot be bothered.
  5. Davo

    Davo Rockling

    Thats true Sam. They are always patrolling the True Lovers Walk at Yarm cos its easy acceess and easy money. The EA does some good work, but only because they get paid/financed to do so, but what irks me is when they have to deal with difficult situations, then they just dont want to know. Ask the ACA.

    Last year they built/finished a fish pass on the River Leven at Low leven, but for some reason they are waiting 3 years before putting it operational. Have you any idea why?

    They seem to build fish passes everywhere, but cant on the Tees. They are also afraid of the Disney brigade who love watching the seals in the Tees, so they wont try to sort this problem out.

    I remember years ago they piped into the river the sound of Killer Whales singing (or whatever they do) to scare the seals away. I think the seals just thought it was a disco. I wonder how many Tees seals have come face to face with a Killer Whale? Remember this when you buy your licence and part with your money. To be fair, it might have been the organisation before the EA, but nevertheless, i think they just changed names anyway.

    I have to say though, that when i ask for assistance or advice, the EA always reply/respond, more than i can say for Trout and Salmon Magazine.
  6. woldedge

    woldedge New Member

    Surely this post would have better in the section for the Tees Barrage
  7. lochbois

    lochbois Guest

    i first heard that the EA were raising the concesionary licence ,while listening to Howes fishing ,this is such a negative message after all the previouse efforts to encourage elderly and disabled.They have just stocked Hemlington Lake and made aceess better for fishing and the public are the anglers of England having to pay for this work,this is discrimination to charge the concessionary in this way.<lochbois>

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