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Dental Implants

Discussion in 'Non Fishing Chat' started by rizla, Apr 5, 2015.

  1. rizla

    rizla Blenny

    anyone one done? would be interested in how much paid,results etc. thanks.
  2. brigaz

    brigaz Blenny

    just had a stainless steel plate done at the top, 600 quid ;D
  3. jason131972

    jason131972 Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    a old mate of mine got a quote for some implants on his back teeth £13-14 grand :eek:
    so just forked out £3000 for the made to measure false uns (take out ones)(private)
  4. smokey

    smokey Rockling

    If you are serious about them, i know a couple of lads who've been to goa to have them done, if you search enough you will find the recommended dentists who are trusted. I think they work out 1/5th of the uk price ish,to say they use the very same implants that uk dentists do, once again it proves we live in rip off britain.
  5. rizla

    rizla Blenny

    thanks for the advice. had a look at goa and was impressed with some of the comments on trip advisor,but to be honest too far for me, thanks anyhow smokey. i get the impression that here it ranges between 1500 to 2500,but iv'e been told of as little as £900. the thing that bothers me is that in the past iv'e paid good money for poor dental work.thanks anyway.
  6. sandeel

    sandeel Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Try turkey there dental work is spot on and cheaper than our lot

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