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Discussion in 'Non Fishing Chat' started by jeff123, Nov 7, 2012.

  1. jeff123

    jeff123 Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Beware of a con on gumtree, i answered a ad on gumtree for a big game kayak with fish finder and all the bits, it said it was at Stoke on trent,
    they told me they owned there own buisness and could deliver the kayak by parcel force for £10, then they emailed me to tell me i could pay for it when it was delivered and if i didnt want it i could reject it, they said i can pay the driver using a ukash voucher,
    then came a email from supose to be parcel force saying to get a voucher and scan it or photograph it and email them back to prove i had the voucher, that is the con, all they need is the numbers to get there cash, in this case £300,
    they must think im daft, id wait till friday and no kayak, ive told the police, the name of the person was called Kate Porter, cheers jeff
  2. Rossco99

    Rossco99 Whitby Fishing Forum

    Unfortunately there is lots of them on there Jeff :angry:

    Best thing to do is not give them (anyone) your private email address and just keep contact through the gumtree reply.
    I put my old suite on there to make space for the new 1 coming and got a reply telling me the wanted suite ASAP so asked for my paypal address then sent me a fake paypal homepage, they wanted me to book a courier company with their money, which they said they had paid into the account but wouldn't become visible till I sent them the receipt for proof of delivery and asked me to send £150 via western union to a courier company in NIGERIA :suspious:
    Reported it to gumtree and they instantly blocked the user and advised me to contact police.
    There was no way I was ever going to pay out up front anyway, BUT maybe my mother / your mother or anyone else that's not sure when things look suspicious might have paid it.

    Shocking :no:
    Glad you brought it up though lets hope it at least alerts a few more people to being more careful.

  3. peter catchpole

    peter catchpole Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    i have had a run in with a fella on ebay ,he advertised top of the range floor steam cleaners ,then posted out cheap crap rubbish you can get for £22 on amazon ,hes done it not once but 10 times so its no mistake ,i comtacted ebay reporting fraudulent selling but they did nowt about it ,its being going on for ages now ,dont trust ebay to sort things out :no:
  4. jonnyhaddock

    jonnyhaddock eric the viking

    ebay is scandelous some proper tools ripping people of right left and centre

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