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Cod Fishing in South East Scotland - Back to summer mode

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by mattylamb, Oct 13, 2010.

  1. mattylamb

    mattylamb Rockling

    I was kindly invited for a trip up to the St Abbs / Eyemouth area of Scotland by Big Cliff and his son Martin, who had to go up there on a job. So a day off work was quickly wangled and I arrived at Alans house just before 6am ready for the 2 and a half hour trip up the road. Dink (Darren) also joined us on the trip.

    We made good time and Martin dropped us off at about 8:15. Our first mark was to be St Abbs breakwater. The tide was ebbing and Alan had never really fished it at this state of the tide before and it was tough going, with the only fish being a wrasse for Alan


    Martin completed his job and joined us bang on low water and it was time for a short walk to another mark for the early hours of the flood.

    As soon as the tide started flooding the bites started. Alan was first in with a nice cod


    I was next in with the biggest fish of the day which weighed in at 6lb 4oz when I got home. Next cast and I had another good fish on but it snagged up and I lost it. Then I got a coalie before we got pushed off the mark


    Martin and Darren struggled at this mark with just a couple of good sized wrasse to show for their efforts.
    Darren waiting for a bite...


    Next stop was Eyemouth for some fish and chips, which was good timing cos I was starving by then. Then it was off to Alan's favourite haunt, a cliff mark near eyemouth.


    Alan and Martin fished one gully and myself and Darren fished another about 30 yards away, but all the fish were coming from Alan and Martin at this point, with our mark only producing wrasse and Rockling. Alan and Martin got a fair few codling to about 5lbs out of there.

    Alan with a cliff caught cod...


    Martin with one...


    Father and Son team...


    Then Alan caught this ugly little bugga...


    Alan with his fish...


    Martin ...


    At this point me and Darren decided to poach Jackson Gulley as we were getting nowt from our mark and Darren eventually managed to winkle one out...


    And on my last cast I managed this 4 and half pounder...


    Had a fantastic days fishing, didnt get too many fish but they were of a good stamp and the company and craic was excellent.
    I'd really recommend a trip up there to anyone, the scenery and fishing is superb and its only 2 and a half hours away. I think I will have to take the yak next time I go as the scope for that is amazing
  2. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Sounds and looks a hell of a place Matty. Big cliff has been really helpful to you lads over the past couple of years. I think its good that hes passing all this info onto the next generation.
  3. mattylamb

    mattylamb Rockling

    absolutely Glenn, top bloke and a very good angler, even if his jokes are crap! :laugh:
  4. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    yes mate, all of that is true, especially the bit about the jokes, they are dreadful arent they.
  5. GJW

    GJW Rockling

    Hey cracking report Matty, glad you and the boys all managed to get fish, and good stamp by the looks of things. Only wish i could of joined you all, but unfortunately some of us have to work for a living..haha :wink:

    Top marks to you all, its a lovely area to fish, so much scope really must try and get up that way a little more.. :yes:

  6. Mark Gelder

    Mark Gelder Rockling

    Quality fella..............
  7. timbo007

    timbo007 New Member

    What a lovely area to fish - been up there with the Mrs for a trip out - really wish I had taken my rods now....!!
  8. seanyrooroo

    seanyrooroo Pig Hunter

    Superb lads, I was up there earlier this year and have to agree it is a top place.
  9. big cliff

    big cliff Rockling

    A top report there Matty , and i am really pleased you enjoyed it along with Darren ,, it really is a lovelly area with so much scope and I will
    say it once more ---- If you havent been give it a go ! because im sure you will enjoy yourself , as Matty says we had some great banter and
    plenty of laughs and some decent fishing to cap it all and isnt that what its all about ? and by the way the jokes where top draw stuff , I ended
    up with 5 cod all but one of good size , 3 good sized wrasse [ love em or hate them ] a good sized coley and a Pollywog i managed to drop two decent cod off so i went home very happy , the fish fell to a bit of macky strip , a preserved gulley lug and a frozen shore crab , MATTY won
    the sweep , I am just looking forward to the next trip :yes: :yes:
  10. Sambo

    Sambo To the MAX!

    Cracking report Matty and well done to you all, some lovely looking fish there. Looks to offer some good marks up that way :yes:
  11. richie7

    richie7 Blenny

    Well done lads,

    Great report Matty and nice to see you giving the DSLR some hammer too!!!!!!!!
  12. ste muir

    ste muir New Member

    Nice report and pics there Matty.Well done
  13. big cliff

    big cliff Rockling

    We got through some gear yesterday , I dont think Matty could have got through more leads short of throwing his tackle bag into the sea I
    told him === anymore and you are float fishing :laugh: :laugh: I used pebbles most of the time and got through about a dozen
    and i still managed to get through a couple of leads as well , not much sand where we were fishing , it was as rough as a badgers
  14. seanyrooroo

    seanyrooroo Pig Hunter

    Is that Hairy Ness in the background of the father and son photo Alan??

    THE DOLPHIN Rockling

    Excellent report and pics Matty would love to have the time to have a trip up there.
    Well done lads nice fishing
  16. Ramsrod

    Ramsrod Rockling

    Well done Matty, you've got fishing fever bad now :sick: Some cracking red cod there.

    I don't know why Alan is reeling all the fish off that he caught. He's a top angler and his catches are never in doubt :yes:

    Try as I might though I'm finding hard to believe that all his jokes were top drawer :no: :laugh:
  17. Dink

    Dink Blenny

    Cheers again for a top day lads, fish were a bit scarce for me, but at least my bag was a good bit lighter on the way home! :cheesy:

    Do you want milk Al???? :whistle: :laugh:
  18. harrythecod

    harrythecod Rockling

    Canny report lads ,and top fishing , i will have to have a run up that way very soon, :yes:
  19. hughiep

    hughiep Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Ime thinking of having a run up week after next Harry while ime off work.
  20. harrythecod

    harrythecod Rockling

    are you just going up for the day , if so give me a shout ,think i can wangle myself a day off :whistle:

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