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Centuary Wr300 or wr300 or a conoflex anubis+

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Butty, Jan 27, 2007.

  1. Butty

    Butty Guest

    my first post on here :-X,im looking to buy a new rough ground rod,and cant decide what to get either a wr300 or a conoflex anubis+,what would you lads recomend.....i have a g5,carbon metal and tip tornado sport.....but looking for a tough rough ground rod........to fish seal goit,round hole,runswick etc

    ringer + steerser im jettys dad,who works with deepsea steersers brother
  2. Steerser

    Steerser Guest

    Re: wr300 or a conoflex anubis+

    alright ron? pleased to meet ya

    the carbon metal and g5 are both more than up to fishing anywhere on this coast.
    i hear you're a bit like me and like buying rods ;D
    the wr300 and anubis are both top quality rods without doubt mate.
    best thing you could do is get through to spotty dog and get a feel of of em both, see what you think, and buy the one that suits you.
    if i was you i'd have a week in tenerife and stick with what you've got ;)
  3. Jem

    Jem Blenny

    Re: Wr300 or wr300 or a conoflex anubis+

    Personally i'd opt for the WR300 for rough rock marks, got plenty of backbone with the needed strength for a good long cast if you fish on the beach with it ;) i have the WR300 and highly rate it, i even went and got the new C Curve as a second lighter clean beach Rod, mind i might be a bit biased as i've always owned century rods ;D
  4. pigeonian

    pigeonian Guest

    Re: Wr300 or wr300 or a conoflex anubis+

    take a look here couple for sale http://www.worldseafishing.com/classifieds/showproduct.php?product=278&cat=3
  5. Dav

    Dav Rockling

    Re: Wr300 or wr300 or a conoflex anubis+

    i my self have been thinking about another rod as my conoflex nem premiere is needing replacement , i have been looking at the wr 300 me self , or the ttr , but think the ttr may be abit heavy for me as its 14 ft and i,m not exactly arnie and im abit unsure if it would be abit un managable for me due to me being 11.5 stone ringing wet and 5.11 , the conoflex is about at my limit ,has anyone compared a conoflex premiere with the ttr/wr300 ,is the century rod lighter or are they still beasts like the conoflex ? cheers

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