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  1. codseeker

    codseeker Blenny

    How do people who use cart wings present them, cling film , mesh ?, mixed with other bait ?
    Do anglers actually remove cling film & just tie on other bait with bait elastic.?
    Any advice appreciated.

    Paul S
  2. robq

    robq Rockling

    If I get good quality firm cart wings I freeze them individually in clingfilm and cut them in halfs and whip them straight onto a bait minus the clingfilm :) almost like using edible peeler;)
  3. navmanfish

    navmanfish Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

  4. simon22

    simon22 Rockling

    Hi mate. I wil be using wings for first time my self next week. I think they are much firmer than cart itself so I plan to wrap them well with elastic and thread on like a worm I will also be adding squid and worm at times
  5. limpet

    limpet Blenny

    do you salt them before freezing rob ?
  6. robq

    robq Rockling

    NO I don't salt mine :)

    Just dry on newspaper for 20 mins or so to draw excess liquid out and then wrap nice and tight in clingfilm
  7. limpet

    limpet Blenny

    a lot of lads salt them up here but i think it effects the quality of the coral, turning it hard almost like wine gums lol, ive switched back to normal cart for now but might try the wings again without salt, cheers
  8. codseeker

    codseeker Blenny

    Cheers for the info lads.

    Paul s

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