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  1. Redneck Dek

    Redneck Dek Blenny

    I hope you have had a great Xmas all.
    A query regarding said cart,been meaning to ask this for a while.
    When renewing my shellfish permit on the ne IFCA website it states that “no part of edible crab to be used for bait”
    So how come cart is used and so widely available?
    Is it illegal?
    Has anyone ever been prosecuted for its use or sale as bait?
    Or am I just being thick and missing something?
    Anyone got any clarification on this please
  2. navmanfish

    navmanfish Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Northumberland ifca had a review due circa 2015,regarding use of edibles.

    But earlier threads conclusions were,

    1/ you've bought your crabs legally , use as you see fit.

    2/ use coral slightly cooked,our region was allowed this. method.

    3/were not commercial potters using in bait bands etc.

    Perhaps Dan can give you a insight next time he checks your bait.

    Most online bait suppliers advertise cart,cart sausages,wings etc

    If illegal would they take the risk n fine.
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  3. Redneck Dek

    Redneck Dek Blenny

    Thanks,I get that.
    Just me being thick then:rolleyes:
    I was thinking of it used as bait overall,not separating potting from RSA.

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