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Captive Screws

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by merman, Mar 12, 2018.

  1. merman

    merman Blenny

    Hi All, one of the captive screws in the right hand sideplate of my mates abu 7000i has sheared off. I've looked on the net for replacements to no avail. any Idea's. I don't want to have to get a new sideplate for him just for the sake of one screw.
  2. brian carragher

    brian carragher Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    You wont have to, the whole side plates and cage come apart, spares can be got easily, if youre near to Redcar then call in the tackle shop there, they have a decent stock of abu spares, might even do it for you if you dont fancy it
  3. basha

    basha Blenny

    as bri says redcar or saltburn will sort it if they dnt carry them they will order within a day or two fella.parts are readily available.
  4. merman

    merman Blenny

    Thanks for the offer Bri, the problem is getting the replacement screw, not replacing it. I've had my 7000c3 for 22yrs so I know my way round them. My mates is Chinese so inferior parts used and build quality is shite [and that's being kind]. It's had very little use but needs taking apart and assembling properly. I'll swap the bush's for bearings while I'm at it. Been looking online for a couple of days on and off, my mate goes to Saltburn for bait and ammo regular, I'll go with him next time. I prefer to give my custom to local shops anyway. thanks for the replies - problem solved.
  5. merman

    merman Blenny

    Went up to Keith's in Saltburn today, Johno really couldn't have been more helpful. Searched high and low - quick phone call to order the part, which is not generally available as captive screws are considered an integral part of the right side plate, no wonder I couldn't find the part number in abu's schematic! Thanks again to Bri and Basha, I love going up to Keith's Sports it's like a mens club but without a bar, great stuff
  6. basha

    basha Blenny

    top lads in there,glad you got it sorted fella.
  7. mww

    mww Rockling

    Have you go sorted, as I've got loads of old red sideplates complete with screws that I changed for black ones 30+ years ago... if you want some, drop me a mesage.


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