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Canal kayak angling - Pike & Drop Shot

Discussion in 'North East Fresh Water Fishing' started by seaapprentice, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. seaapprentice

    seaapprentice New Member

    I returned back to a stretch of canal I had fished two weeks ago. On my previous session I caught a personal best Perch weighing 1lb 13oz using a technique called “Drop Shot”.

    Today I left my usual back up bait “Lobworms” at home and concentrated solely on fishing a mixture of lures on a “Drop Shot” rig.


    A week of heavy rain followed by a heavy overnight frost, the first for over two weeks were not good omens for the days fishing ahead. I have got to be honest; if I had not left the lobworms at home they would have been my favoured method to extract a few fish from an out of sort’s canal. Never the less, I was committed to fishing drop shot lures and I was looking forward to working them hard in search of a fish or two.

    Two hours past quickly without any interest shown towards any of my lures, fished in numerous swims along the waterway. Out of the blue, on an almost static lure I felt a very light touch on the braid mainline. This was followed by the line going slightly slack. Something had picked up my lure and was swimming towards me. I paused momentarily hoping to feel another indication, nothing. Quickly I struck before the fish could eject my “worm lure” – FISH ON!


    My strike was met with a heavy resistance, half hoping for a monster Perch to be attached as it swam towards me and underneath the kayak. Suddenly the fish realised it was hooked and swam strongly into the marina; it was at this point I knew it was no Perch!


    The fish stayed close to the bottom and changed direction under the side strain from my ultra light rod. It once again swam straight towards me and past my kayak back into the main canal. I was much happier with the fish’s location and played it in the open water whilst retrieving line.

    Once close to the kayak the fish dived yet again under the kayak and into the marina. This time I turned it quickly and it surfaced, a good sized Pike with my hook clearly visible in the scissor of its jaw.


    Other than a few lunges close to the kayak, I was able to slide the landing net under my 5lb 13oz prize. No monster but excellent sport on light tackle providing some exhilarating moments whilst playing the fish sat merely inch’s above the water in a kayak.


    The day panned out as I expected, fishing very hard with few fish being caught. Even Mr Lobby (a regular Perch angler on the towpath) struggling for only 6 x Perch all day. I did however manage to tease another Pike weighing 3lb 6oz later in the afternoon on the same method and lure from a different swim.


    To summarise, I probably would have caught more fish (smaller Perch & Roach up to 10 inch) like Mr Lobby if I had brought along my lobworms. However, by dedicating this session to fishing lures with a drop shot rig not only proved very enjoyable but also gave me invaluable experience. The types of experience that can’t be learnt in books, only gained whilst actually lure angling. It’s hard to explain, that six sense that tells you to cast to a certain spot, or twitch your lure in a certain way, or change types of lures or maybe strike when things feel different!

    As usual, if you would like to see more photos from this session, click on this link below to visit my facebook page: www.facebook.com/ManchesterAngler

    or direct to the feature

  2. jimlad

    jimlad Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Love those photos mate!

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