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Braid on a multi?

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Studenttom, Oct 1, 2017.

  1. Studenttom

    Studenttom Blenny

    I enjoy using my multi but get sick of snagging up and loosing gear in the rock marks i fish so rarely use it and opt for the fixed spool and 65lb braid. Has anyone used heavy braid on the multis for our shore fishing and is it any good. I have found a few old threads but wondering if anything has been tried out since these threads?
  2. bigcod31

    bigcod31 Peter Mcfarlane kaskazi dorado

    Been using 80lb on my sl30 for last 3 years for close in kelp work, found it great.
  3. Studenttom

    Studenttom Blenny

    do you thumb your braid on like mono or do you thumb it on in zig zig motion to stop it biting into its self?
  4. Steve

    Steve Rockling

    been using braid on multis for over 20 years. first stuff i used was penn dynabraid. the flat profile stuff. use the thicker cheap chinease stuff now and dont have a problem with it. even for long range. i do however prefer 35lb berkley xts mono for bottoms work though
  5. basha

    basha Blenny

    fished a full season last yr on my slosh 30 with daiwa j braid x8,no issues what so ever.
    usual sanario with wind knots but keep it well wet you shouldnt have a problem.
    only use like above for short throws into the gully.
  6. faraday

    faraday Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Hi Tom.
    using 525 mag2 here for a few years with 60lb spectra braid / 6oz lead with no shockleader, never lost an inch of line since i stopped using mono.
    I leave abt 4mm off the spool brim, can easily empty this with an overhead axis lob. i do criss cross now and again to prevent biting.

    worst thing i find with it is if i rip out of a snag, lose the rig - when winding in it needs to be wound back on as if you had a load on the end of your line - if you know what i mean.
    if not tight on the spool next time i cast out, it will start to fluff a bit and at times a little birdy.
    watch your thumb when laying line back on spool, especially with a fish on as it scores the skin, so a plaster on your finger will help.
    I dont use pulley rigs anymore, just a single pasternoster rig with an 18lb rotter, and dont strike into a fish, just lift into it.
    my catch rate improved dramatically with braid, as the fish on the run - with little stretch they hook up more easily.
    I also moved onto 5/0 sakuma circle hooks and found most fish are mouth side or lip hooked enabling a live release if undersize.
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  7. Studenttom

    Studenttom Blenny

    Thanks for the advice people, im going to spool up a slosh and see how i come on. Hopefully have a successful season with this set up
  8. Studenttom

    Studenttom Blenny

    had a few casts with this set up over the last few nights using a slosh 30 with braid straight through. If i cast a hard over head cast the set up works a treat and i manage a good 70-80yard chuck. However if i put a lot of effort into a big hit the braid snaps, the snapping seams to occur at the reel and i think its due to the force of the cast bedding the braid into the spool and cracking the line on the hit. I think i could get around this by using a long mono shock leader however this will just add a weak link in the set up so i would like to avoid this. Any ideas how to get around this issue?

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