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Bird Ash Fishing At Bempton !!!!

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by chopper, Aug 25, 2007.

  1. Dav

    Dav Rockling

    ;D ;D......do wheel chairs come in 4 x 4 ? .i shouldnt joke really , its a serious matter , so i gather you wont be bothering then mark :D
  2. chopper

    chopper New Member

    nope,cant justify such a risk.most of us take some risks but youve got to draw the line somewhere.
  3. smokey

    smokey Rockling

  4. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    You've frightened me to death Mark. Ill be hiking for 2 days solid along by your side now, after I've been to Hayburn Wyke with our casting friend that is ;) ;D
  5. Lobbers

    Lobbers phwwore i love gwen stefani me like

    on the subject of safety, i was on my way down goldsbrough last season on my own, down the ropes, i tripped on some fishing line, luckily , there was a bit of a drop in front of me which allowed me to turn full circle, arse over tit and land on my butt, on closer inspection, SOMEONE!!! ascending this climb had left there reel attached to there rod and had disengaged there spool on a branch and proceeded to empty the spool of line all the way back up the cliff :mad: :mad:
  6. cod rod kev

    cod rod kev New Member

    crikey u would of thought they would of realized the spool spinning on the climb
  7. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    You know Paul some people are bloody useless ;). Who do you think it was ?
  8. wec

    wec Nunc est biben dum

    the sad thing is ,the half a dozen anglers who frequent bird ash are laughing thier heads off at all this bad press because it means they get one of top place's to themselfs :( :(
  9. Lobbers

    Lobbers phwwore i love gwen stefani me like

    it was you, you froot :eek: ;D
  10. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    What a sickener that thought is, the only thing to do is for the festival committees to make all matches - Heaviest single fish :eek:. (Only joking before I get it in the neck).
  11. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    [quote author=Lobbers]
    it was you, you froot :eek: ;D

    Surely not ;D ;D ;D
  12. Lobbers

    Lobbers phwwore i love gwen stefani me like

    Surely not ;D ;D ;D

    er yes it was you boy, too busy worrying about getting back to your weigh in with your five pounder :mad: ;D
  13. Ringer

    Ringer Rockling


    birdash ladder
  14. Dav

    Dav Rockling

    weressssssssssss ramrod.....................100 dollar if you can spot ramrod...........
  15. cps

    cps Rockling

    the ladders slightly to the left of where yo have marked
  16. rusty1

    rusty1 New Member

    Looks mental to me :eek:

    Do you guys have ropes you clip onto as you go down?? Or clips to clip onto the ladder as you go down?
  17. dbrown

    dbrown Guest

    doesnt look as bad as i thought it would
  18. Dav

    Dav Rockling

    like wise dan the man......once down the ladder, the square box thats been drawn do you work ure way down from the right hand bottom corner of the box at an angle of about 45 degrees?
    and im assuming there is some form of rope to aid pulling ureself up , looks abit steep to accend with out some form of rope.....
  19. dbrown

    dbrown Guest

    yeah thats where i thought u go down, but i thought the ladder was half way down the cliff and ropes at top and i tohught it was a shear drop but it dont look that bad to me.
  20. Jellyworm

    Jellyworm Rockling

    You boys will be surprised how steep that get down is.!!
    I ve been at the bottom of it and looked up but there is a sheer drop from both the ladder and the very narrow ledge you have to go along before getting on the ladder.
    A quote from a seasoned angler who has done most of the other roped get downs, "It made my knees knock just looking at that ladder from the top."
    Much respect to the regulars who go down there , but to anyone thinking of trying it,me for one...lol.Make sure you go with someone who knows the place and don't become the next headling in the local press.It is a serous place there with a long long drop !!!

    Cheers Jellyworm.

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