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Bass Numbers On the Coast - Are They Down ??

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Baramundi Bob, Sep 8, 2013.

  1. stiffmeister2

    stiffmeister2 Hooked On Bass

    There's a article about this subject in this month's sea angler Glennand the debate is exac tly the same as on here where have he usual bass gone. They are saying there's definitely a big difference in smaller bass so are this year but a much better stamp of bigger fish and tons more double figure fish been reported but it does say that the autum time thisyear is going to have a bass boom right tthrough October and in to November up here so fingers crossed. The reason given for the lack of normal schoolie bass is??? There isn't one lol so the debate goes on :-[
  2. spruce

    spruce Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Could it simply be that the vast majority of wrasse are returned? The same cannot be said of bass...unfortunately.

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  3. Jellyworm

    Jellyworm Rockling

    The mention of wrasse is in 'competitions' no returning there (in the context quoted) which would suggest the wrasse numbers are nothing to do with catch and release. A couple of years ago there were hardly any wrasse to find yet this year plenty....odd really how these things cycle.
  4. Ramsrod

    Ramsrod Rockling

    I don't think the bass/wrasse debate proves anything. Discussing wrasse as a comparison is irrelevant. Sure they are both fish, both live in the water, and both have fins. As an example, you wouldn't use a wood pigeon which seems to thrive as an example as to why the thrush is becoming scarce. They're the same but very different. And even if you did what would be the point!

    I've looked at the bass tagging thing and one bass has been caught a number of times at the same mark on different years. The anglers are named the dates it was caught and the tag number shown. Also they seem to be very well traveled too, being caught a long, long way from where they were tagged. As chris showed, the distances can be covered surprisingly quickly too.

    It's all very fascinating and obviously a complex subject.
  5. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    when you said dont compare Bass and wrasse Ray i wondered where you were coming from, but then your wood pigeon comment summed it up. I get what your saying now.

    Do you have alink to the stuff on bass tagging or could you scan the literature as Ive heard this discussion before and always wanted to read the info.
  6. Ramsrod

    Ramsrod Rockling


    This was what I was looking at Glenn, it's eye opening really.
  7. broony

    broony Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    I can't find the article but I remember reading something on the collapse of fish stocks in north east America where it said right before the total collapse of the fish, I think it was either their cod or striped bass, they only saw big fish, no juveniles at all. Everyone was exited to be catching such large fish, but then it all disappeared. The article speculated that the older wiser and larger fish survived just that little bit longer than the rest of the stock before they disappeared as well.
  8. stiffmeister2

    stiffmeister2 Hooked On Bass

    It's in the bass fishing in Ireland article broony it could be sir Henry Gilbey I can't remember but definitely on about such a poor season for school fish he also mentioned on his site because they have just come back from Wexham in South east Ireland and apparently it's a banker for lots of fish but has not turned much up all season. All the Web site about bass all say the same it's the whole of the British Isles not just us on the north east. These sense might stir them into action September October are good for ass in recent years with the autum being prolonged get right up to end of November last year before the weather got cold and loads of bass were still getting caught on the plug's. A great site for lure fishing and plugging for bass is the world sea fishing site is maps each area in the country and there's daily reports on bass numbers. I use this site but like to know if it's fishing elsewhere because it doesn't take long g to get anywhere in a few hours in the car but this year just aint planned out like that. Let's see if many codling turn up over this blow up there's been some good sea running recently and forecast north West until Wednesday strong at times so the bass will have to wait anyway lol

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  9. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Sounds like the grand banks cod fishery
  10. stiffmeister2

    stiffmeister2 Hooked On Bass

    I'm lost on that comment Glenn I have never heard of he grand banks cod fishery or is that a wind up? Do they know how to take you sometimes it depends if your in the angel pub half cut pmsl. No honestly mate never heard of that but how is it we have no cod but all the other countries right up to alaska anchorage way bearing g sea right into America and obviously Norway? They throw 30lb fish back in Norway and would laugh at a 8 pound fish and you sea them putting 20 15lb fish into a box for fucking crab bait on the deadliest catch. Point is that we are a country of fucking soft touch might interest who couldn't give a flying Fuck if the cod are extinct over in the north Sea we let every man and their dogs pull every fish out and the sea bed up yet a couple of hundred miles north East if a trawler is seen near the fjords they tell them to Fuck off or they will blow them out the water. We have no rules in this country from fishing to taking a slash we are a laughing stock in the EU and everywhere else. He fishing us thriving in every country Barring us simple as that. All the whitby charter boats should carry anti tank missiles to blow those Spanish and Dutch back to where they come from

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  11. stiffmeister2

    stiffmeister2 Hooked On Bass

    Rant over had a few to many monster energy drinks

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  12. fisherjohn2010

    fisherjohn2010 Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Think the bit about American fishing might relate to the striped bass fishery, which was pretty well wiped out by over fishing. It ended, if I've got it right, in almost a war situation, with anglers wanting protection for the stocks, and the commercials insisting that they had no impact on fish numbers, and they had a god-given right to carry on fishing. I think there was a fair amount of violence, and a lot of slagging off of whinging conservationists who didn't know f-all about anything! HOWEVER, the anglers won, and the striped bass fishery has gone from strength to strength, and plenty of fish to go round, ( within limits, obviously). It's very similiar to the situation in Ireland, where the conservation measures, and NO commercial fishing at all (well, OK, it's Ireland, so some poaching goes on) have improved bass stocks immensely. The commercial fishermen keep beavering away, though, and they would dearly love to be able to land bass again, even though they would probably wipe out the stocks in just two or three years. My own personal view is that slow-growing fish like bass need protection, and bag limits, and if they can be farmed for the supermarkets, in Greece and Turkey,as they are, why should they be fished for commercially at all.
  13. Jellyworm

    Jellyworm Rockling

    Just one of many articles on the Newfoundland cod fishery and its collapse.

  14. foo

    foo You've gotta be in it to win it.

  15. foo

    foo You've gotta be in it to win it.

    oooops sorry Dave ;)
  16. stiffmeister2

    stiffmeister2 Hooked On Bass

    I agree totally but nothing will ever protect what's left of our once brilliant fisheries and ll through foreigners being allowed to hammer our fishing ground they just font take the fish they ruin the precious feeding grounds like a few discussions on here before :-( prawn grounds gone once thriving ground's full of white ragworms gone and all bait that keep the fish here obviously no food no fish! Why do we put up with it they all fucking laugh at us they trawl anywhere they want there's no rules for them nd if they get a pull so what are they bothered? No. I watched the series trawlermen and they had hit a good patch of coal fish and codling but later that night the net was full of bigger cod by a long way do the skipper said put the landed fish back in the water and they threw what should have been part of their landed fish quota ask in the drink to make space for the bigger more valuable fish!!! Is this right? No is it Fuck they are all as bad as each other. Me and lobbers fishing the east pier years go seen the trawler coming in hen the lights went off and the skipper proceeded to trawl up and down from the end of the west pier towards Sandsend you could see nd hear him but no one to stop him but what comes around goes around when he decided to come in to whitby he hit the end of the pier the dick head so good he got what he deserves. You know there's so many stories up this end of trawlermen doing what ever they like and the inshore bass stocks will take a hammering if there is mindless idiots fishing inside the trawl limits like the factory ship off Filey last week it makes me sick and no one gives a Fuck. Our government takes every penny they can off us and nothing goes back in to help us it all goes in to gun powder for those suicide bombers. Let them blow themselves up and start protecting what's ours otherwise we will end up with nothing we will end up being called the United Kingdom of Pakistan (not being racist at all) we will all bow down to King Khan it's all shit

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  17. DiscoMick

    DiscoMick Eat Fishing, Sleep Fishing, Drink BEER

    Some very interesting thought's, I think someone once said "if only we could talk fish"..that really would throw the cat among the pigeons :eek: compering other species of wild life is probably the only way we can try to work thing's out it's what we can see that we know about...unfortunately we don't see under water that good..so it's guesswork but if I could give an example without going off track to much..take 1976 for example one of the hottest summer's on record(there has to be someone else who remembers it :

    It was also known as the year of the ladybird there where billions of them....reason being?...it was also the year for the biggest invasion of aphid's(greenfly) ever known, favourite food of ladybird's....reason? FOOD in abundance due to a very mild winter and spring the plant life had one of the longest growing seasons ever...nature takes and also provides it just working out where and why?....if only it was that easy... ;D..

    It just need's" MAN" to take a few steps back...and nature will do the rest 8)....mick.
  18. ingoe1

    ingoe1 Rockling

    We've had our worst year on the bass for the last 3, not plugging but bait. Probably down to the amount of weed and bait fish further out. But that's just my take on it lol.

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