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  1. ingoe1

    ingoe1 Rockling

    It's officially 1 bass a day from now until end of Dec, on Gov.UK site. That's if you can find somewhere to fish with all the kelp this swell is going to rip up LOL.
  2. navmanfish

    navmanfish Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best


    Just got loads for allotment,cleaned out a nice clear section,

    Checked earlier,kelp free for morning chuck.

    Bit like cleaning a "swim in lilly pad" ponds.

    Couple took to 4lb,returned a couple of weeks ago by mate,just after last

    Sea dropped off.

    Let you know if this cold snap has deterred them.
  3. ingoe1

    ingoe1 Rockling

    Saltburn looked clear this afty, but was stacked after a couple of days of the last blow up. Were as Redcar to marske was patchy as if it was rafts of kelp hitting here and there. Anyway I'm sure there will be somewhere fishable.
  4. jc

    jc Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    need to get some for my garden
  5. navmanfish

    navmanfish Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Keep looking for clear areas along local marks,

    You'll be surprised how "the beast from the east" has revealed some

    Cracking features, fish them before the sand moves in again.

    Places you wouldn't have given a second look are fishing well:)

    Some previous "best sellers" are unrecognized as early season bankers.:(

    Warmer spell due, couple of marks to try as sea drops.
  6. brian carragher

    brian carragher Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Beach looks to be clearing of weed up our way, big big heaps of washed up kelp high up on the sand washed up by the big tides, these slacker tides should fish a bit better with the sand being relatively clear of weed

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