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Any one try to connect the boat with GPS Tracker?

Discussion in 'Non Fishing Chat' started by carlby11, Jun 28, 2017.

  1. carlby11

    carlby11 New Member

    Heard somebody done that before but never tried.
  2. shuali1010

    shuali1010 New Member

    I tried, almost with the car installed.
  3. tomdomer

    tomdomer New Member

    it's a good way to install a gps tracker to anti-theft. I have use one brand of gps tracker is quite good. if you need you can send me message.
  4. Miniwaver

    Miniwaver New Member

    Does the boat really need to install gps tracker? Anyway, I totally agree the car should still be installed one, if you really know one brand easy use gps tracker, can you tell me?
  5. tobeadealer

    tobeadealer New Member

    Try Goome
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  6. cupcake

    cupcake New Member

    It works same as in the car
  7. uubbfsg

    uubbfsg New Member


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