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Discussion in 'North East Fresh Water Fishing' started by woody, Jan 16, 2008.

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    Fishing trips on the River Wharfe & River Ouse in Yorkshire, England
    Alex Peters, local specialist angling expert, describes why a day spent river fishing for Barbel or Pike, or lake fishing for Carp, in Yorkshire is an experience never to be forgotten...
    "The River Wharfe rises high in the Yorkshire Dales spilling into lush green rolling countryside as it reaches the historic towns of Lower Wharfedale. The river glistens as it flows over gravelly shallows between deeper pools, and gradually, fish other than trout and grayling are found.

    The most large and exciting fish in the river Wharfe are the predatory Pike and the hard-fighting Barbel. These fish are wild native species and since the last ice-age have adapted ideally to their beautiful environment.

    My favourite stretch of river is overgrown and wild, with overhanging willow trees, islands, shingle beaches and a variety of different places to fish, from tumbling rapids to tranquil smooth glides, where one can imagine and sometimes glimpse the fish that inhabit this picturesque river.

    I have caught Pike up to 24 pounds in weight and the Barbel reach 7 or 8 pounds but there could be bigger ones lurking in this rarely fished stretch of river. Indeed, in 2001 a friend landed a 9lb+ Barbel just a few hundred yards downstream.

    Prepare to share the river bank with Deer, Foxes, Kingfishers and occasionally the rare fisherman!"

    Alex Peters runs a small number of exclusive, guided trips for quiet anglers to this lovely part of Yorkshire.

    As well as fishing for Barbel, Pike and Chub on his local River Wharfe, Alex can now take you to other venues depending on the time of year, the weather and your requirements.

    Learn how to tackle Barbel fishing on the Mighty Yorkshire River Ouse where he and his friends have landed Barbel to 9lb 8oz and where there is a genuine chance of that elusive Yorkshire "double".
    Dates: June 16th - October 30th, + winter if mild.

    Carp "stalking" at a "reputably" difficult 17 acre gravel pit where Alex has fished for nearly 20 years and last year managed to hook 5 carp in only 3 hours fishing, up to 18lbs! All these carp were actually seen feeding on free offerings and taking the hookbait. On this occasion, Alex let his friend join the fun and then watched him catch a 20lb+ carp, the biggest of the day!
    Dates: April - September depending on weather.
    Alex has written articles in Angling Publications

    monster fish Alex has caught including:
    Pike to 24lb
    Roach to 3lb
    Carp to 30lb 8oz
    Bream to 12lb

    Alex will use his intimate knowledge of the water and its inhabitants to your advantage. Whether you choose to fish for ferocious predatory Pike, powerful Barbel, bold and brassy Chub, or big carp, Alex will ensure your day's fishing will be one to remember whatever the time of year.

    Fishing trips are tailor-made to your requirements and can be day, afternoon or evening trips. The comprehensive service can include transport to and from the river (within a reasonable radius) or you can meet Alex at a convenient place near the fishery.

    A meal in a friendly Yorkshire pub can be included in your day out or otherwise full packed lunch and flask will be provided. Tackle, bait and appropriate licenses are also provided if required - Just bring yourself!

    The maximum number of anglers Alex can take is 2 (preferably only 1 person if beginner).

    For newcomers to the sport, Alex can teach the different arts of angling including trotting a float, legering (both static and trundling), swimfeedering, Pike methods including static deadbait, wobbling, paternostering, and crucial to being a successful angler - the art of reading a water to figure out where to fish.

    Party Size Cost: Full Day Cost: Afternoon/Evening
    1 Angler £75 - £90 £50 - £60
    2 Anglers £110 - £130 £75 - £90
    (the lower rate is for experienced anglers with own tackle who don't require tuition on the basics)

    If you are a fisherman visiting Yorkshire or if you want to learn techniques to help you land more big fish, you have struck gold!

    Contact Alex Peters to discuss your requirements
    E-Mail: alex@yorkshirefishingguides.co.uk :happy:

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