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General Advice please!

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Justin D, Oct 23, 2016.

  1. Justin D

    Justin D New Member

    Hi all. New to forum and first post !
    Looking for some advice and local knowledge .
    I moved to Brid beginning of the year and bought a sheltie 535. Spent the summer doing a lot of engine and boat repairs and a little bit of boat fishing!!! Wrapping up the boat for winter and looking to do shore fishing for the winter.
    Problem ? No experience of shore/beach fishing, no suitable rod or reel and limited local knowledge.
    Planning to go out with some of the lads from work who fish Hornsea down to Hull for some experience. But looking to fish Brid to Whitby too so any suggestions for good spots to start ?
    Regarding rod and reel : Time to part with some cash. Have been looking at the longer rods 15/16 ft with fixed spool reel. Hoping that will get me casting reasonable distance reasonably quickly. Looking Greys triplex or century carbon metal BB. Reel, Ihave got a penn battle 8000 not sure if that will match up or have been suggested diawa 6000t or shimano super ultegra.
    Would welcome any comments ,suggestions or if anyone has ,or knows anyone who is looking to sell any decent rods/reels that might suit ?
    Cheers Justin.
  2. basha

    basha Blenny

    now justin.
    just got back into fishing sea fishing again after a 5yr lay off.expensive hobby this fishing malarky.
    ive just purchased another century compressor ss,having used one before i gave up.i know these sound cheap and nasty but i know a lot of lads who use them and its the ron thomson excellerator.for hard ground work fishing through kelp etc they are the buisness and at 120.00 notes should be a part of anyones kitt.i know a lot of lads are switching over to fixed spool reel now,but im still a sucker for multipliers and i rigg mine up with a slosh 30 reel loaded up with 30lb line and it does the buisness.my compressor is rigged up with either the old pen 525 or my old faithfull abu 6500c3 ct rocket.i also purchased second hand an old conoflex ballistic,it came along so i bought it,again a grt rough ground rod.century tipp tornado sport the new one ive aquired also and works really well for bite detection.i was out last night and it was white water as far as you could see.started off at sandsend car park with no joy so moved upto higher ground over the rough ground and managed two codling and a big coalie.not big fish one over 3lb and one 2lb but they all count.be out tuesday onwards when the seas drop off a bitt.places around whitby are hit and miss at the moment.sandsend cliffs are producing fish from time to time aswell as the boilers at cowbar/white post and usual marks around kettleness/goldbrough/boulby.boulby these days is a little harder to climb down with the ropes already down there dodgy as hell.both the east pier and west at whitby have there times and be pretty productive.its always worth a throw at runswick/robin hoods bay were you can find a little shelter.there plenty of info if you search through the locations on site.im having to start all over again myself but if your ever in the whitby area,give me a shout we could meet up.....cheers mark.
  3. Justin D

    Justin D New Member

    Mark .
    Thanks for taking the time to reply.
    I am aware of the Ron Thomson Excellerator and the Tip tornado and slosh reels. Think this is the going to be the hard decision to make going for that or the longer rod fixed spool option. Yes when you spending your hard earned and its not cheap it's a tough choice for the novice like me ! Hence the post and why I'm asking the advice of you guys who are out there doing it locally.
    Once I make my mind up and get set up and a bit of experience will deffo be looking for a trip up to the Whitby area . So will let you know.
    Cheers Justin.
  4. jc

    jc Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    think greys is for multiplier
    ive just gone down your route leeda icon fs 14 foot and penn baattle longcast love it
    mate has the 15 foot penn rampage another good choice bear in mind we are old gits so easy fishing no cliffs etc
    lot depends on budget and type of fishing
    we do upgang sandsend runswick salt pier south gare then up north to hartlepool and the tyne
  5. bow1

    bow1 Rockling

    If looking for a long rod you could do worse than looking for a Shakespeare k2 red metal.
    They are few years old now but I use mine with f/s over all grounds and cliffs.
    Mate of mine was impressed...he got one..
  6. gleadall474

    gleadall474 i want to live by the sea

    I have just got a triplex that I am using with a fixed spool and it's great. But yes it is a multipler rod
  7. Welsh wizard

    Welsh wizard if you don't know you don't need to know

    Hi Justin you can come out with me if you like I fish at night
    Your welcome anytime



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