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A Few Hours At Goldsborough Friday Night

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Baramundi Bob, Nov 15, 2014.

  1. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Winter Cod Fishing At Goldsborough

    Myself and Mike (Kool) opted for a few hours down Goldsborough Little Tunnel End on Friday evening. After the heavy rains throughout the day the track down was quite an experience.

    First cast for me, a wind knott, lost line, what a great start. Mike managed a nice cod of about 5lb first cast. Second cast I had bites but nothing came of them. When it came to wind in I was stuck solid.

    The night progressed and it was clear the fishing wasnt going to be as good as we had hoped. Perhaps the sea had dropped away a bit too much or maybe the swell had been running a bit too long.

    The end result of the bad wasnt too bad, Mike managed 3 codlings in total and I got one of about 5lb. I suppose thats not a bad result for 3 hours of fishing.

    Hoping for a Pete Dunn/Garry Watson sized bag of fish soon.

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  2. Mladds

    Mladds Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Nice one Glenn a few nice fish anyway. Will have to link up with you and cool mike soon :)

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  3. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    November Bass Club Night must be soon Mark. Maybe this week ??
  4. Roger Melly

    Roger Melly Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Glenn, what size / make are those circles you are using ?

  5. glassback

    glassback Blenny

    at least theres a few decent fish showing glen ,i wouldnt fancy the getting back up rather than the get down lol
    all we seem to get now is wind and rain for winter .
    what breaking strain line do you use glen
  6. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Think its 60lb Andy.
  7. glassback

    glassback Blenny

    do you think you loose more traces useing braid compared to when you used mono .or is it no different
  8. idge

    idge Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Great report but more importantly, fantastic pictures.

    I reckon that you lose less tackle using 60lb braid. More likely to straighten out hooks. I've even snapped 60lb rig body.

  9. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    I really dont know Andy. Only been using it a short while.
  10. Jellyworm

    Jellyworm Rockling

    After a few years using briad I always expect to lose more gear when using mono.....but in heavy seas holes fishing i prefer mono.....but tide distance work braid....I found more straightened hooks than lost gear.
  11. lawsy

    lawsy Rockling

    It was only steady on there last wednesday night too glenn I think matty garbut has emptied it in recent years

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