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A Cheap Waterproof GPS For Kayak Fishing - Advice Please !!!

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Baramundi Bob, Mar 19, 2013.

  1. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Hi guys Im looking for a cheap waterproof GPS for kayak fishing this summer. Please could you post suggestions and links for best ones and best prices. It should be handheld and not expensive. Also if you have a GPS and you like it could you give me a bit of a review please.
  2. mike_t

    mike_t Jackson Kayak Team Member

    I have the Garmin 72H, about £100, spot on for getting about very easy to use but I am on my third one in 6 months.
    It is advertised as waterproof and floats. Yes it floats but no it is not water proof. It suffered water ingress behind the screen three times. Garmin sorted it out each time but not much good for kayaking.
  3. carpyken

    carpyken New Member

    Yes I went through the same thing with the Garmin 60. Had it replaced 3 times as the terminals corroded on the back due to electrolysis ( I had it hard wired into the kayak and mounted on the deck for a time before I learnt this isn't the way forward. Best thing to do is keep it in an Aquapac and leash it to you or your kayak. I've now had this one for three years and its fine. They say they are waterproof but they are not salt waterproof.

  4. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Would you recommend that one Ken. How about this :

  5. carpyken

    carpyken New Member

    Yes that would do the job fine. I don't have maps on mine, well not detailed maps or charts anyway.

    I simply use it to get me over a waypoint that I have pre loaded, ie my launch spot in case fog rolls in or a known wreck. The other thing I use it for is to mark a point while over it, say over a bit of good rough ground that's producing. Any unit will do this.

    They,re great for tracking too, you can re-track your route back, I used mine for this recently while paddling the Humber, we were out later than expected, darkness fell and we could have been anywhere, following our track back got me back to where I wanted and kept me out of the shipping lanes. A lot easier than navigating with torches, charts and visible buoyage. :happy:

    You can use the track feature to set up your drift properly while drift fishing too, before long your track looks like a great ball of wool on the screen as you track back and forth over the same point. :happy:

    Most smart phones have GPS now, and they do work really well. The GPS feature soon runs down battery life though..
  6. V8_Rob

    V8_Rob New Member

    I don't agree with the comments on the Garmin 60. I use the 60Csx and have always used the power lead whilst afloat. Yes, there's certainly the potential for dielectric corrosion on the power pins as the power connection is not waterproof, though this is easily prevented with the light application of dielectric grease or even vaseline. I've been using mine for 4-5 years without any issues.

    I've had my Garmin underwater and not experienced any leakage issues. With Bluecharts fitted it is an excellent piece of kit of and many kayakers use them.

    The Garmin marine mount isn't the best piece of kit, the RAM mount for the Garmin 60 is FAR better.

    If you did go down the route of a Garmin 60, don't bother with the 60Csx (has the electronic compass), the 60Cs is perfectly adequate.
  7. carpyken

    carpyken New Member

    You may not agree Rob but I do assure you I went through 3 warranty claims. I, like you used copious amounts of silicon grease on both the socket and the plug. Every time the pins on the unit turned green within a matter of months and corroded away. It was washed and dried after every use and never left attached to the power lead or kayak, I also never left batteries in it.

    These days I keep it in an Overboard or Aquapac and only use batteries. Its a great unit but I won't be using the power lead again. The plug is still covered in silicon grease but I keep the rubber cover over it and use batteries only. How very strange we both have very different findings on the same unit. :happy:
  8. V8_Rob

    V8_Rob New Member

    I can only go my own experiences and what I've heard from others. I've had many waves over mine, once at Tywyn it was making a whining noise after one wave which disappeared after I pulled the plug :embarrass:

    I agree about the pins, I could see why severe corrosion can be an issue. I've found corrosion on there early on and have used a small instrument screwdriver and cotton wool buds to remove it. Since them I've always used di-electric grease, though corrosion still occurs, though at a much slower pace. It's easily cleaned off, but needs to be kept a close eye on.

    I have heard that the Garmin warranty department are very good on claims. Out of interest, if it fails out of warranty they'll exchange on a one for one basis, the 60Csx being charged at £99. I only know this as one person I know dropped his unit and broke the screen.

    I reckon you need to mount your on a 2' pole to keep it well clear of the water :laugh:
  9. mystic girl

    mystic girl Blenny

    Just got a Memory map marine version. Had it out four times so far this year and very happy with it. It has full UK detailed colour marine maps, self-contained battery unit and last about 8hrs. So no need for extra batteries. Only splash proof so I made an extra plastic cover for it. I have a prowler 4.1 and it mounts nicely on the tackle box between your legs. Originally I had it further forward but I couldn’t see it that well (that could be my eyes)

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