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5 Inch Shads - Isaonojackson

Discussion in 'More Tackle Shops And Other Angling Related Busine' started by Baramundi Bob, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Baramundi Bob

    Baramundi Bob Super Leeds United !!!

    Ok folks, due to my recent foray into the world of boat fishing i have realised that storm shads seem to be all the rage at the moment and from what i have seen they certainly get results. The only trouble is they are a bit pricey costing about £5 a pack in tackle shops and about the same on ebay after you add postage prices.

    Anyway I have took a bit of a risk and have secured quite a few packets of 5" storm shads in the colours croaker and herring (see pic below) as blue ones seem to be the best colour. anyway hopefully i can sell a few packs on here the idea being that i make a few quid (only a few trust me) and the forum members can get a bit of a bargain! After all they dont go out of date so you might as well stock up, and the more you buy the more you save! My main aim of buying in bulk was to stock up for myself.

    I will post out and accept paypal, I live in consett and work in Gateshead so if you want a few packets and woulds like to collect and pay cash to save on the postage thats fine!

    below are 2 pics showing the product and the bottom one showing the different patterns so you can see what herring and croaker ones look like.

    Shot at 2008-07-23

    anyway my prices are as below

    1 pack 4.00p (postage 65p if you need it)
    2 packs 7.00p (postage 85p if you need it)
    3 packs 9.80p (postage 1.05p if you need it)
    4 packs 12.50 (postage 1.25 if you need it)

    These prices in my opinion are more than competative and if you want more to stock up the deals will get better!!

    If you have an enquiry please PM Isano Jackson for more details

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