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20lb cod Scarborough way

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by Howard, Jul 30, 2014.

  1. Howard

    Howard Blenny

    Two big fish in as many days from compound. Willy got a 26er on monday ( I think its all on facebook) then today my m8 Terry got this one that was a tat over 20 on the boat and 16/8 ashore gutted. I am dissappointed the fish doesnt look bigger in the pics but Terrys a 20 stone+man maybe thats why!
    Its taken 5 yrs to get a 20 aboard the boat and I did not think it would happen this yr especially as the fish have been small. It just goes to show they are knocking about with smaller stuff.
    It came on pirk during a mad hour feeding frenzy off Scarborough on a wreck. The next biggest was only about 4lb we through dozens back and when the madness was over we took some quality pollock that suddenly turned up.
    All in all an ACE day out in the sunshine.
  2. Steve

    Steve Rockling

    nice one Howard. iv been trying to get out myself this week, but iv not got round to booking anything yet
  3. adrenalin.

    adrenalin. Blenny

    Well done h & terry takes some doing braking the magical 20lb.
  4. dan the pollock

    dan the pollock Rockling

    nice one H.

    cracking days fishing
  5. willybendit

    willybendit Rockling

    well done H cracking fish boats all sorted now new 60hp engine fitted if you fancy dubbling up some time weekends or mid week
  6. ziggy

    ziggy luv it fishing

    You should of laid it next to your pack lunch box. then you'd of seen how little it looked laid next to it and realised how big the fish was. Well done captain. And thanks for the text at stupid oclock
  7. Tug

    Tug Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    well done H & T
    what a summer it's been so far, 8)
    Weather been great, (OK a bit windy at times) fishing good even for me (like calm) ::) what more can you ask.


    Now got more fish than I know what to do with, if I get time the smokers coming out at this week end and make some fish cakes(love fish cakes)
  8. bigsi

    bigsi Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Well done mukka,proper u'n that,heard of some monsters dwn my way too,up to 20lb+ !!,
    Cheers for the report :)

    1LASTCAST Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Nice 1 Howard bet Terry is chuffed to bits!!
  10. Tug

    Tug Whitby Fishing Forum _ Simply The Best

    Got them smoking at last.

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