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"101 things you didn't know about Bass"

Discussion in 'Sea Fishing Forum - Shore, Boat & Kayak Fishing' started by 3be2, Mar 15, 2012.

  1. 3be2

    3be2 Blenny

    Sorry to post this here (it's completely OT) - I didn't want to start a new thread just to ask a quick question. :embarrass:

    Following one of the links on the "101 things you didn't know about Bass" article, I ended up at Cefas and noticed "Sea Angling 2012"


    (right at the bottom) "the EU Data Collection Framework requires the reporting of catches of bass, cod and sharks (covering all forms of recreational fishing from boat and shore)."

    and linked from there ("The Marine Management Organisation" :vomit: (drop one into the soup of taxpayer loot and they multiply like intestinal worms)) ...


    (the actual "surveys" and lots of feel good stuff)

    The quick question ... Is this a new run at Sea Angling or just a continuation of previous efforts with the year and colours changed to give it that fresh and vibrant feel?
  2. 3be2

    3be2 Blenny

    Ah "Bassman" you have moved my post. I was trying to avoid a TLP.

    (thinking about it can you change the title from "101 things you didn't know about Bass" to "101 things you didn't know about Cefas" :suspious: )

    I wasn't having a go at the original article BTW, it was very interesting and well and truly bookmarked for later reference.

    The "Sea Angling 2012" question still stands though.

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