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  1. Floydsdad
    Lots of questions from a real novice ! Miles from the nearest sea in Manchester !
    hi mate how are you .
  3. dunlin
    dunlin mozzer
    Hi, Ian, I’ve had elastic from you before and would like some more. Will be coming through Loftus round about 1-1.30pm tomorrow. Would it be ok for me to call? Can you remind me of your house number please.regards Dublin/Bob
  4. j.matthews
    j.matthews bobthedog
    Think the MOG Festival is 25th and 26th. Aug. 2018.
  5. moshikimquyen
    Cung cấp các loại thực phẩm Nhật Bản dùng để làm món ăn hoặc trị liệu
  6. Cypher101
    All 'l be reet at the end of the yomp!
  7. Reni syafitri
  8. Back to Blighty
    Back to Blighty
    Could someone give guidance to line class type of line and terminal tackle. Appreciate any help at all. Thanks everybody for any help. Mike
  9. Back to Blighty
    Back to Blighty
    Returning to the UK after many years overseas and intend to start fishing again with the charter boats but no idea now about the rigs etc
  10. Ayuni
  11. karim marshall kassab
    karim marshall kassab
    5lb 9oz pollock yesterday evening of pier casting over to east
  12. Seant82
    Dunbar harbour yesterday blank
  13. tomdomer
    this is a 16 years old cat!!!!!!
  14. Seant82
    Sea fishing East central Scotland
  15. takeda14121990
  16. takeda14121990
  17. Oliver welch
    Oliver welch
  18. dunlin
    dunlin paulliver
    Hi Paul, Did you find the Zziplex you were looking for? I have one, a zziplex XTR bought new some years ago but only used three times so it is still in excellent condition with original Fuji rings and whippings. If you are interested you may want to give me your email address and I could send you a photo. Best regards, Bob
  19. jason131972
    jason131972 torchy
    hey up mick,malc got intouch and said you might have a cobra 14ft for sale?
    cheers jason give us a ring if ya like 07752054246 or text
  20. silly blanker
    silly blanker bigcod
    HI, trying to find a guy that I was fishing next to in the European Beach Champs on Tunstall beach. Thought that he said his site name was Bigcod. Have I got the right person. On the second day I fished again next to you and snapped the tip of my Cobra. The person was using a Fox Horison 15ft, was that you also he was doing the weigh in.