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Fishing Port Mulgrave

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How To Find Port Mulgrave

The fishing marks at Port Mulgrave can be found by leaving the A174 coast road at Hinderwell and following the signs for Port Mulgrave. There is only one road into Port Mulgrave.

Parking is at the very end of this road and parking spaces are limited.

fishing at port mulgrave - how to get there

The Fishing Marks At Port Mulgrave

There are several marks to fish in the Port Mulgrave area. The main and obvious mark is the old harbour wall which can be fished from High water to within 2 hours of low water.

At low water anglers head onto the rocks in front of the Jetty and continue fishing from there. Other marks in the Port Mulgrave area include Kell Hole and Sheep Stones.

Panaramic View Of Port Mulgrave

fishing at port mulgrave

Port Mulgrave Bay

Port Mulgrave fishes in the severest of winter storms. The bay itself faces east north east with the old harbour wall facing down to the south east meaning that the heaviest of northerly and north westerly swells wash straight past the bay with only a gentle surf washing into the bay itself.

To the south east Port Mulgrave bay is protected by an underground reef known as Lingrow Knock. This is one of the only places in this area where reefs stop the roughest of seas from getting to the sea shore making Port Mulgrave perfect for fishing in the big winter storms.

Left hand side of PortMulgrave includes the old harbour wall.

port mulgrave fishing

Baits For Cod Fishing At Port Mulgrave

All the usual baits will catch you cod at Port Mulgrave. Through the early autumn big peeler crab baits are usually the way to go, as the months progress and we head into Winter cocktail baits of frozen crab, mussel and worm can often do the trick.

In the period after Christmas fresh lug and white rag can do the business and it is often the case that the biggest cod can be tempted by a big calamari squid fished on a pennel rig.




More Information

More information on fishing at Port Mulgrave can be found in the Whitby fishing forum by clicking here.

10 pound cod for Paul from Port Mulgrave.

Paul Lobley with a 10 pounder from Port Mulgrave.

Health and safety

Angling from the shore in the UK is very hazardous to say the least. Every year lives are lost whilst pursuing our fascination with sea angling.

Anglers of all levels of ability need to be very very careful indeed – having fallen badly myself last year I’m as aware as anyone of the dangers of rock fishing. At this point I would like to offer a few words of advice to anglers.

Never attempt to fish a new area without the help and advice of someone experienced in fishing that area.

Always check the tide and ensure you will be safe to access and exit your chosen area. Watch out for cut off points. If unsure don’t go. Its not worth it.

Be aware of the weather forecast. Conditions can change fast.

Don’t access closed areas, eg piers whilst the storm gates are shut.

Carry some form of communication.

Tell someone where you are going and when you intend to return. Ask them to raise the alarm should you not return.

Do not fish heavy seas. Its very dangerous and your wasting your time anyway, fish don’t like really rough seas. Leave it a day or 2 until the sea is dieing.

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