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Fishing At Saltwick Bay

Another excellent area of our coastline for the budding sea angler is Saltwick Bay. Access to this mark is pretty easy and involves a moderate decent from the cliff top car park down onto the beach below, from where you can access all the marks at varying stages of tide. Saltwick Bay holds something for all anglers young and old.

This beautiful bay is home to a multitude of species including : Cod, Bass, Flounder, Coalfish, Pollack, Rockling and even the occasional Mackerel.

Saltwick Bay

Saltwick Bay In Near Perfect Conditions For Cod Fishing

Fishing Marks In The Saltwick Area.

In the eyes of the locals, the fishing area of Saltwick stretches from the scars around the Whitby east pier right up to the lighthouse at the southern boundary of Hawsker. Starting from the Whitby end, the first marks you come to are Creta Block (Crete Block) and Rail Hole. These are shallow scar marks accessible only over low tide. If you wish to fish here you should note that scars are very dangerous places and you should only come here with the aid of a local guide.

Fishing here may, at first, seem alien to those anglers more familiar with the deep rock fishing marks. For those willing to learn the art of scar fishing then some fantastic autumn fishing for cod and coalies can be experienced from these marks, with the best baits being peeler or peeler, worm and shellfish cocktails.

creta block - whitby scars - concrete boat

The Concrete Boat On Whitby Scars Signposts The Creta Block Gulley – Only Come Here With An Experienced Guide.


Rail Hole On Whitby Scars, Another Low Water Scar Mark.

Saltwick Nab And Saltwick Hole

The next set of marks are in the immediate area of Saltwick Bay. The nab is an area with some low and high water fishing for Flounder and coalfish in the summer and also some winter cod. Named marks here are the Lobbit And Mouse Hole.

Heading Towards Saltwick Beach is a flat slate scar accessible again only at low tide. The main fishing is off the front ledges into the deeper channels for winter cod. Again this mark is dangerous and anglers coming here for the first time should seek local knowledge and a guide if possible. The flat scar itself can be home to the occasional school bass for those with the knowledge to be able to get on here at the right stages of tide.


The North Batts is a shallow scare between Saltwick Beach and Saltwick Nab

Saltwick Bay Beach is an ideal mark for both high and low tide fishing in both summer and winter. Fishing from the beach in the summer will give access to good flounder, coalfish and bass fishing. In winter the beach and the surrounding low tide scars give some excellent cod fishing . The bay itself is home to mixed ground of rock, scar, kelp and sand which is the perfect environment for winter cod.

Saltwick Bay Beach

Perfect for easy fishing at high tide. The more adventurous may seek to roam the scars at low water


A lone angler braves the elements of a northerly gale on Saltwick Beach

To the south of Saltwick bay is are the marks of : the south batts and the sisters. Again these are low tide only marks and should only be accessed with the assistance of a knowledgeable guide. Fishing is mainly off the ledges into the deeper water. In autumn and winter you will find good cod fishing here, whilst the summer months seas the occasional mackerel, bass and pollack turning up for those who invest the time to locate them. The South Batts runs up to the lighthouse where the area joins the neghbouring fishing marks at Hawsker.

Saltwick Scars - South Batts

South Batts – A shallow scar to the south of Saltwick Bay

Tackle And Bait For Fishing Saltwick Bay

Tackle and baits for the winter cod fishing at Saltwick Bay are very simple. You will need a decent quality rock fishing rod capable of chucking a 6 ounce lead and a decent sized bait over 50 yards. Your reel should be a 7000 sized multiplier filled with 30lb line straight through, or a suitable fixed spool with braid.

All the main winter baits work here including Peeler crabs, lug and ragworm, mussles and all other shelfish. Cocktail baits can be exceptional at the right times of year.

For summer fishing there is really only one bait worth consideration. Most fish will fall to peeler crabs although you may be able to tempt flounder and coalfish on mussel.

Artificial lures can be used to tempt bass, coalies and the occasional mackerel.

cod fishing

A nice bag of winter cod caught from Saltwick Bay

Health and safety

The Coastguards Health And Safety Publication Is Available Here :

Angling from the shore in the UK is very hazardous to say the least. Every year lives are lost whilst pursuing our fascination with sea angling. Anglers of all levels of ability need to be very very careful indeed – having fallen badly myself last year I’m as aware as anyone of the dangers of rock fishing. At this point I would like to offer a few words of advice to anglers.

  • Never attempt to fish a new area without the help and advice of someone experienced in fishing that area.
  • Always check the tide and ensure you will be safe to access and exit your chosen area. Watch out for cut off points. If unsure don’t go. Its not worth it.
  • Be aware of the weather forecast. Conditions can change fast.
  • Don’t access closed areas, eg piers whilst the storm gates are shut.
  • Carry some form of communication.
  • Tell someone where you are going and when you intend to return. Ask them to raise the alarm should you not return.
  • Do not fish heavy seas. Its very dangerous and your wasting your time anyway, fish don’t like really rough seas. Leave it a day or 2 until the sea is dieing.

Further Reading

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