Cornelian Bay Yorkshire

Cornelian Bay Yorkshire

Cornelian Bay – A difficult launch but well worth the effort.

cornelain bay kayak fishing Park at the water treatment plant which is free. You really need a trolley to get down to the cliff base – the path is loose stone with rough tarmac towards the bottom – once at the bottom you need to remove the trolley and do two trips down the cliff path with your kayak and then your tackle – if the tide is a big spring low then it’s slightly further to walk but not too bad as there is an inner lake that is quite close – if the path is dry the descent and accent is not too bad, care must be taken if the path is wet though – on a scale of 1 to 10 I would say the level of difficulty is 7 – for this reason travel light and sensible – the bay offers excellent summer and winter cod fishing along the full length of the bay on the land rock, also there is some sport to be had with plugs for bass and pollock along the rock edges – it is also not too far to get to Gristhorpe from here which is about a mile to the south – the best option if you want to get here is to go down on the flood and return on the ebb tide.

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