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Note : For Best Chance Of Having Generalised Questions Answered Use Our Website Forum Or Facebook Page. I currently spend more time on Facebook than anywhere else.

Whitby Sea Anglers

Sea Fishing On the Yorkshire Coast. Information, Advice, Boat Charter, Tackle. Shore Boat And Kayak Fishing

Flat 2, 18 John Street, Yo21 3ET
North Yorkshire

Home Phone: 01947 228053
Mobile Phone : 07879451837

My contact details are below. I am happy to be contacted by email on matters relating to the site. Advertisers may contact me on the phone number below or via email.

We do not accept content from guest bloggers or SEO Companies, we also do not have advertising space for casinos and online poker sites etc. Please do not waste my time by emailing or ringing with anything of this nature.

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Just like everyone else I love fishing and I love talking about fishing. However if you simply have a question about fishing, please could you consider using our forum here, or our facebook page here  , as I may not always be able to get back to you via email.

I am not able to book you a trip on a charter boat or give you the prices to fish at Scaling Dam (Just a couple of questions I have been asked when the phone has rung in the middle of the night). Again, please look to the forum for answers to questions like these.

If you really need to  get in touch with me then these are the details you will require

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Address : Glenn Kilpatrick, Flat 2, 18 John Street, Whitby, North Yorkshire, Yo21 3et

Phone : 01947 228053 (Please only use mobile number below)

Mobile : 0787 9451837 (Evenings between 6 and 9 pm only)

Email :