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Cod Fishing Tips, 101 Hints, Tips & Facts

A Complete Resource For Cod Fishing From The Shore

  • Read this sites cod fishing section.
  • Bait Is King – Source the best quality fishing baits you can get your hands on.
  • Keep and eye on our facebook page.
  • Use simple, strong rigs.
  • Keep your hook point clear all the time.
  • Learn your marks – fish a mark in all states of tide and conditions and work out when it fishes best.
  • Watch the good anglers and learn from them.
  • Don’t give in or lose heart when your not catching because it will come right eventually.
  • Don’t confuse yourself with loads of different marks pick 2 or 3 and learn them well.
  • Visit your marks in daylight, memorise all gullies and features etc, find casting points and mark them if you need to. (I have chiseled crosses into some rocks and even paced them out from more memorable features).

Cod Fishing From The Shore

  • Always double pat (bait up a spare snood whilst the other is in the water), if your bait isn’t in the water you cant catch a fish
  • Pay close attention to our forum.
  • Fish your baits for 20 minutes max.
  • Do your homework.
  • Try thinking outside of the box. Don’t follow the crowds, bend the rules, and test your own hypotheses.
  • Dont ever be scarred to fish the shallows. Cod will run onto very shallow ground, especially on a small flooding tide.
  • When fishing scars, search for white water, cod love it.
  • If the sea isnt very rough, search for white water at the edges of gullies etc, fish love it.
  • The dark water rule, usually only applies on deep water or very heavy swells.
  • In many of the places I have fished  the Slack tides have fished better on the Flood on Bigger Tides the better fishing comes from around the HW and well into the Ebb tide. This rule applies usually to shallow scar type fishing.

Shore Cod Fishing

  • Never be afraid to cast really short, you may just be amazed at how close cod will come to the shore.
  • Keep your light off the water and on the dimmest setting possible. Bright lights spook fish.
  • Fresh yellow tail or black tipped with whites can be deadly.
  • A fish is only looking for grub, so look at wind and swell direction (food traps) Certain spots fish better when the wind blows and swell runs from a certain direction, because food is pushed into them.
  • A fish is only looking for grub, so look at wind and swell direction (food traps) Certain spots fish better when the wind blows and swell runs from a certain direction, because food is pushed into them. Take time to walk the coastline at low water and note down any features, its not always the big holes, gulleys that fish best all the time, mark down slight depressions in the scar, area’s where the water hangs, familiarise yourself with the surroundings, in the past we have put a mark in a rock with a hammer and chisels so we know exactly we are in the right spot after dark and how far to cast to reach the depression..
  • Over mussel beds and broken ground Ragworm may come into its own a often over looked bait these days but still a great bait in the right area’s..
  • Photograph your marks on big low tides. Look at them often so you know every feature.
  • Work out what night your local club fishes its matches. Follow and watch the members for the very best info.
  • Always keep a diary. Keep all information, a blank is as useful as a catch in the early days.
  • If you catch under certain conditions and tide states, fish the mark again under same conditions to see if the mark fishes “true”. If you get a mark that always produces under the same conditions then your onto a winner. Keep it under your hat. Your hard work got you the fish, dont exchange that knowledge too freely.

summer fishing for cod from the shore

  • Read The Results Of The Whitby Fishing Club
  • Read why bait is important – here
  • White Ragworm is truly awesome, it can catch you a fish when all else fails.
  • Tell pie (Hermit crabs) are excellent bait over sand.
  • Cliffs make excellent fishing platforms. Flamborough, Bempton And Sandsend are amongst those fished locally.
  • If you cant source peelers, then give cart a go.
  • Coloured water is best for winter cod fishing.
  • Mops love fresh lugworm.
  • Fish marks that point into the direction of the prevailing swell. If the swell is from the north or north west then fish a mark facing north or west. If the swell is from the east then fish a mark facing east.
  • In massive swells, forget the above rule and seek shelter. In a massive north west swell find some shelter on an easterly facing shoreline, and vice versa.

rock fishing for cod

  • Quality Clothing Is Essential. Starting with footwear, Waders are essential for rock anglers. Ensure you buy a pair with decent studs fitted in the sole. No Studs = No Grip. Dont risk your life by trying to save a few quid.
  • Buy a decent headlight. Its essential to be able to see where your going as most of your fishing will be done in the dark. Cree headlights are dirt cheap from the far east and offer upto 2000 lumens of light. Good makes in the UK include Princeton Tec Apex and Fenix Headlights
  • Remember – Quality Clothing Is Essential. Buy a decent coat/smock. Get one designed for the job. Flotation jackets and suits are heavy and cumbersome and not good for Rock Fishing. Look at Fishing smocks from Sundridge, Greys, Shakespeare and Titan.
  • Stay safe, dont take unacceptable risks,and take all necessary precautions.
  • Safety tip when cod fishing in the dark is take 2 lights, 1 a spare.
  • People die while taking part in our sport, never take chances on marks that you dont know like the back of your hand! especally on the east cost as a lot of fishing is done in very remote places. no fish is worth your life.
  • Conversely dont be scarred to take calculated risks. Dont be afraid to push the boundaries so long as you risk access and take necessary precautions.
  • Read This Article On Extreme Fishing.
  • Study The Hall Of Fame, See Which Marks Throw Out The Big Catches
  • Never Fish Alone.

Cod Fishing Tips

  • All-way’s tell someone where you are going and what time you will return. Ask them to raise the alarm if your late.
  • Carry a mobile phone – fully charged and in a watertight plastic bag.
  • Carry spare dry clothes in your car.
  • When conditions /venue suits, fish two rods. One at range, one closer in.
  • Never be scarred to experiment with baits. 10 years ago, no-one had used Cart, now its the best thing since sliced bread.
  • The UK Shore Record For Cod buy cialis online uk is 44lb 8oz Caught in 1966 by B Jones, Tom’s Point, Barry, Glamorgan.
  • Largest ever cod caught in European waters was 4ft 9in long and weighed 91lb 15oz
  • Are you a crap caster ? Then go for the long rod and braid option. Crap casters are now fishing at distance and catching cod.
  • Fishing from a height such as cliffs often leads to more fish in very rough conditions. seems to be that the less line you have in the water the better your chances of catching.
  • Never fish a tight line as fish dont like it. Always fish with a slight bow in your line. Dont worry you will still feel even tiny little bites.
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