Yorkshire Coast Fishing Video

Some old but very enjoyable footage of fishing on the Yorkshire Coast between Whitby and Spurn Point. The film looks at fishing in the area focussing on Whitby, Robin Hoods Bay, Scarborough, Flamborough, Hornsea and Spurn Point. Part 1 Part 2

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Kayak Fishing For Sailfish – Frank Shaw

Total sea fishings Frank Shaw goes kayak fishing for sailfish in Key Largo Florida. Frank shows how to use livebaits from his kayak to tempt one of the worlds best fighting sportsfish. Not long into the shoot Frank hooks into an "enormous" sailfish which nearly has him off the yak on a couple of occasions. [...]

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Using Peeler Crabs – Tips Video

An excellent video by sea angling guru Alan Yates. Peeler crab is the top bait for shore fishing in the United Kingdom. This video gives tips on how to find, keep, prepare and fish with peeler crabs. The peeler crab has immense pulling power and will draw fish from far and wide to feed on [...]

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An interesting one sent in by a friend. Entitled the death of sea angling. This video about eu article 47 includes foul language. Please do not click on it if you disapprove of such use of language.

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Whitby Crab Potting

Crab And Lobster Fishing Video Commercial Shell fishing On The Yorkshire Coast This is a short video about fishing for crabs and lobster from the Yorkshire coast. The original video on this page showed local commercial fisherman John Whitton fishing from his Cobble for lobster, crabs and other north east coast shellfish. Sadly that video [...]

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Funny Rock Fishing

Rock Fishing Video Sea Fishing For Cod This video shows the north east sense of humour at its best. Two north east coast rock anglers set about making a spoof tips video and this is the end result. Listen to the camera man laugh as his mate teaches us the art of rock fishing for [...]

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The Singing Wolf Fish – Sea Spray

This singing wolf fish This singing wolf fish was caught in the Whitby Spring Angling festival 2009 on board Malc Pitmans boat Sea Spray. Video is by Sea Jay on the Whitby fishing forum. Debate the singing catfish here.

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Nigel Farage Vs Joe Borg – Sling Your Hook

Article 47 Nigel Farage Speaks Out Against Eu Commissionaire Jo Borg Nigel Farage is the UKIP leader. In this video he tells how he has been a life long sea angler, and how he fears that our great sport is about to be ruined by the Eu Commissionaire Jo Boerg. Nigel tells of his fears [...]

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Storm Swimmin Eel

Storm Swimmin Eel. This recent addition to the bass fishing scene is a dead cert for a big boy bass. The video is Australian but illustrates niceley the action of the storm swimmin eel. The Eeel is perfect for slow trolling or casting with a slow retrieve. This is the perfect artificial bass for the [...]

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You Tube Fishing

John West Salmon Fishing Advert Sea Fishing Videos On The Whitby Sea Anglers Site This is the very funny john west salmon advert where the man and the bear fight over a salmon. The video appears courtesy of You Tube. Happy viewing. There are more videos on our site which you may enjoy watching. Please [...]

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Kayak Fishing DVD – Ultimate Kayak Fishing Guide Video

Kayak Fishing DVD Video - Scott Null Joel McBride WINNER - Best Instructional - Reel Paddling Film Festival 2008 Dont forget to click here for more kayak fishing information on our website. Kayaks are easy to paddle and can get anglers into new and otherwise inaccessible waters. Kayak Fishing - The Ultimate Guide is the [...]

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