Cart Bait – Edible Crab Extract

Cart is an excellent all round angling bait. Cart is an excellent all round sea angling bait and can be used to catch almost any species that swims in the sea. In Particular cart makes a deadly fishing bait for cod from both boat and shore. Cart is the extracted insides of an edible crab. [...]

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Cod Fishing In Malangsgrunnen, Northern Norway

This film was shot in March 2013 at Malangsgrunnen about 20 nautical miles off the coast of Northern-Norway were Atlantic cod from the Barents Sea gather to spawn during winter. The North-Atlantic cod fishery is sustainably managed and the spawning stock is now larger than has ever been measured. The quota for 2013 is 1 [...]

Cod Fishing Video

Cod Fishing On The Whitby Charter Boat Sea Trek Now Known As Shy Torque This short cod fishing video was shot in the Whitby Angling Festival onboard Stu Johnston's Charter boat Sea Trek, a boat made famous when Noel Cook landed the British record cod from Whitby many years ago. The boat has since changed [...]

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Bass Fishing – Walk The Dog Style

Compared to many, my bass angling knowledge is fairly limited. I was thinking to myself just the other day, how so much in the world of bass fishing seems to be shrouded in secrecy. Its always been my aim to unravel the mystery and secrets surrounding all types of angling, and to try make easier [...]

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Only One Type Of Lugworm ? For many years when you read a typical guide to the sea shore there appeared various pictures of marine worms usually with a picture of a lugworm with the Latin name Arenicola marina. The better books also mentioned a tail-less type of lugworm Arenicolides ecaudata. What was never mentioned [...]

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