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Salmon Fishing In Scotland

After reading Rupert's excellent article on lure fishing for Salmon last week I realised I regretted not trying Salmon fishing already, I've always wanted to try but for various reasons (normally lack of funds!) I've never had the chance. Well all that changed when Rupert left me a message asking if I fancied a day's [...]

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Salmon Fishing On The Tyne

I had been invited to fish on the South Tyne yesterday with Martin who owns whitby angling. An early start and a 2 1/2hr drive and we were fishing by 8 o clock. As soon as we got to the waters edge, there were fish turning and jumping everywhere. We tried a few pools on [...]

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Fishing A Rapala For Salmon

The Rapala brand is very well known to most people.  Throughout the world, their plugs are recognised as being excellent lures for virtually every species of predatory fish. Here, in this article, I’ll talk about two of their patterns that I like to use for Autumn salmon fishing, as and when conditions and rules allow. [...]

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River Esk Fishing In Yorkshire

Yorkshire Esk – From Rugged Moorland To Open Sea: Every angler has a favourite river. One they return to, even when others may offer more chance of a fish or are in a more fishable condition. Mine is The Yorkshire Esk, a beautiful river that while small by comparison to the likes of Tyne, Tees [...]

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Fishing For Grayling – By Rupert Drury

With the inclement arctic weather we’ve had since the middle of December, the chances of soaking a deadbait for a winter stillwater pike, which is my normal line of attack at this time of year, has been nil.  So with the lakes frozen solid, I’ve turned my attention to the local rivers, in search of [...]

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North East Fresh Water Fishing

North East Fresh Water Fishing Traditionally our site has largely concentrated on Sea angling. After requests from many of our site readers we have decided to add some information on fresh water fishing in the area.  Below is a list of articles about fresh water fishing in the north east of England. Many of these [...]

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Flounder Fishing

The Flounder - So Much More Than Just A Flat Fish Talking to my fishing buddy Paul Lobley recently, I got myself into trouble for referring to the flounder as just a plain old Dab. "They are so much more than just a flatfish" said Paul, they are a fish that nearly every angler in [...]

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Holderness Coast Fishing

Fishing The Holderness Coast By Chris Mack Holderness Coast Sea Fishing. The Holderness Coast is the stretch of coast between Bridlington and Spurn Point. In the mouth of the river Humber. Sea fishing on the Holderness coast can be great at times and most months of the year there will be sizable fish to go [...]

How To Catch Pollock

How To Catch Pollock A fantastic article by local shore angler Garry Watson. This article details five different methods that are utilised to catch Pollock

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Hall Of Fame 2009

Hall Of Fame 2009 - For Other Years Click Here Hall Of Fame - Forum Members Catches Hall Of Fame Rules To enter a fish into our hall of fame you must - 1. Be a member of The Whitby Fishing forum. 2. Catch a fish and weigh and photograph it. 3. Make a post [...]

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Five Ways To Catch A Pollock

A new page on our site discusses five methods to catch a pollock. Please visit the link before to read Garry Watsons pollack fishing article.

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Record Red MUllet From Tynemouth Pier

Record Red MUllet From Tynemouth Pier Doug Spivey with his North East record Red Mullet of 1lb 6oz, taken from Tynemouth pier

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