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  • Cod Fishing From The Shore

Cod Fishing Tips, 101 Hints, Tips & Facts

A Complete Resource For Cod Fishing From The Shore Read this sites cod fishing section. Bait Is King - Source the best quality fishing baits you can get your hands on. Keep and eye on our facebook page. Use simple, strong rigs. Keep your hook point clear all the time. Learn your marks - fish [...]

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  • sea fishing catch reports

Hall Of Fame 2013 – Sea Fishing Photos And Catch Reports

All The Latest Catches From Members Of The Whitby Sea Fishing Forums. Cod, Bass, Pollack, Shore, Boat And Kayak Fishing, Plus Lots Lots More.

  • Isle Of Skye Sea Fishing At Neist Point

Isle Of Skye Sea Fishing

Isle Of Skye Sea Fishing. As you head through the Glencoe mountain range and descend onto the Isle Of Skye at The Inner Hebrides, you know you have come to somewhere very special indeed.

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  • mackerel-fishing

Mackerel Fishing

The Main UK Summer Fish Species Is Mackerel. Mackerel is the main summer species for anglers in the UK. It has to be one of the most enjoyable species to catch. Warm summer evenings spent on the UK's piers and beaches can produce decent catches of mackeral for all anglers. The shoals often arrive in [...]

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  • smoothound

Smoothhound Fishing

Smoothhound Fishing Catching Smoothound From The Lincolnshire Coast. The Ever shifting sands of the linconshire coast north of skegness is a must for any serious sporting angler during the summer months. When the hords of smoothounds hit the beaches it can result in some of the best sport available in the UK anywhere. A good [...]

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Salmon Fishing With Rupert Drury

Buying a ticket to go salmon fishing is just like buying a ticket for the National Lottery. Most of the time you win nothing and you wonder why you bothered. Occasionally, you fluke a tenner. But every now and again, someone hits the big one. Thats what drives me to spend my hard earned on [...]

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  • Summer Cod Fishing

Summer Cod Fishing

FISHING FOR SUMMER COD. Just because the cold days and rough sea's of winter are now a distant memory doesn't mean that we have to put our Cod fishing gear to the back of the shed and wait until the next winter for some cod action. Summer Cod fishing can be very rewarding, yet many [...]

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  • float-fishing-for-pollock

Pollock Fishing

Pollock Fishing - Five Ways To Catch A Pollack The Best Methods For Catching Pollock - By Garry Watson. Pollock (also spelt pollack) are a much sought after sports fish targeted right around the UK by an ever growing amount of anglers. There are numerous methods to catch pollock from the shore in the UK. [...]

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  • Whitby Sea Anglers Association Fishing Club Results

Whitby Fishing Club 2012 – 2013 Results And Positions

We apologise once again for the lateness in publishing the results. As usual The Whitby Fishing Club have made it very difficult for anyone wishing to publish and debate their catches, sadly we do not see this changing in the near future.

  • personal best kayak pollack for mike marshall

A Personal Best Kayak Pollack For Mike

Another awesome nights fishing on the Kayaks out of Saltwick Bay. This ones a bit hardcore as it involves getting the kayaks down to the beach. We fished from 5-8.30pm catching roughly 100 Pollack between us. We all had pollack upto 7lb, bu t as usual Mike went one better and nailed the big one, [...]

  • tope fishing

Tope Fishing On The Holderness Coast

Sunday saw teaser head south for only the second time this year [ first time dam wind it blew us back again :angry:] and we were blessed with one of the warmest days at sea i can remember tshirt all day untill the run home at 4 30 fishing started well with the maki playing [...]

  • rock fishing

Rock Fishing

Cod Fishing From The Rocks Rock fishing is just another type of fishing. It's nothing special and can be mastered by all anglers, all that's needed is time and a willingness to learn the art of rock fishing. Over time the rock angler will learn what areas will hold cod and at what states of [...]