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  • Ocean malibu 2 fishing kayak

Malibu Two

The Malibu Two priced at £399 is the first choice of many families because it can seat one or two adults, plus a small child. Weighing just 26.3kg (58lbs) and with a length of 3.7m (12ft) it is incredibly easy to launch and transport like all Ocean Kayaks it’s car toppable and perfect to take along on any camping trip.

Cobra Tandem Angler Kayak

The Tandem is Cobra’s all around best seller. It is lighter weight than other tandems on the market (only 57lbs) and easier to manoeuvre than the Triple. It offers users the opportunity to socialize while paddling but is very manageable for paddling solo. The Tandem is competitively priced and thus offers exceptional value.

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Kaskazi Duo tandem kayak

Kaskazi Duo Tandem Kayak The Kaskazi Duo has been designed to handle effortlessly both on and off the water. Never before has a double kayak offered such user friendly attributes and rough water capability, together with expedition touring range and load carrying capacity. The Duo is only slightly longer than a solo touring kayak, making [...]

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