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  • scupper-pro1

Scupper Pro TW Angler From Ocean Kayak

The Scupper Pro from Ocean kayaks is fast becoming the kayak of choice for a large number of avid kayak anglers. The low price of this Kayak has often meant it has been overlooked as a serious rival to most of the fishing kayaks in the Uk market place. However word is spreading fast and the Scupper Pro is now been seen as a Kayak to match any, including some at 3 times the price from the Kaskazi range.

By |February 21st, 2010|Ocean Kayak Reviews|8 Comments
  • Prowler 13 kayak fishing - quint-bass

Ocean Prowler 13

A great fishing kayak with even more features Ocean Kayak is the World's Number 1 for Sit-On-Tops and the Prowler 13 is one of the most popular angling kayaks in the UK. It now incorporates extra features to make it even simpler to fit a fishfinder. Fishfinders have revolutionised kayak fishing and the Prowler 13 has been tailor made to make installation of a Humminbird fishfinder kit quick and easy.

By |November 21st, 2009|Ocean Kayak Reviews|9 Comments
  • Kayak Fishing For Women

Ocean Kayak Venus 11 – Breast Cancer Fundraising

Kayak Fishing For Women - Its Cheaper Than The Gym It's cheaper than gym membership, keeps you fit, anyone can do it and it's great fun. It's the sport of sit-on-top kayaking and Ocean Kayak, the world's number one for sit-ontops, has two great kayaks specially designed for women. The Venus 10 and [...]

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Ocean Kayak Torque – Fishing Kayak With A Motor Engine

Ocean Kayak has introduced the Torque Angler, an innovative fishing kayak which has been custom built to take a drop-in Minn Kota electric motor unit. The compact motor module weighs just 20lbs (9kg) and simply slots in place in a large scupper behind the seat. When it is not required a detachable skeg can be fitted so the Torque functions as a standard kayak. The motor plugs into an outlet at the back of the kayak and the battery goes in a sealed battery box in the centre. Because motor and battery are separate, removable units it makes them easy to handle, optimizes the kayak’s trim and keeps it light for transportation.

By |July 29th, 2009|Ocean Kayak Reviews|2 Comments
  • Moken Kayak Fishing

Moken Fishing Kayak

The Moken fishing kayak has been designed for the avid paddler wishing to do a little bit of diving, fishing and overall exploring. The Moken fishing kayak has ample storage, it allows for you to kayak anywhere you desire.

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  • Perception Catch 390

Perception Catch 390

The Perception Catch is specifically designed for kayak fishing with real attention to detail. This is highlighted by unrivalled storage space and the multitude of fishing features placed within easy reach.

By |March 26th, 2009|perception kayaks|1 Comment
  • Ocean Kayak - Prowler Elite 4.5

Prowler Elite 4.5

Within the prowler elite you will find a combination of all the best features from the prowler 13 and prowler 15 and then some more. The prowler elite 4.5 is as suggested 4.5m in length giving the ability to deliver good speed, and is the ideal kayak for battling into headwinds. With several below deck storage areas this kayak could well be considered as an alternative to the traditional sit-in sea kayaks for touring and paddling expeditions.

By |March 20th, 2009|Ocean Kayak Reviews|2 Comments
  • Hobie Adventure Fishing Kayak

Hobie Adventure Fishing Kayak

Hobie Adventure The Hobie Adventure is a truly innovative development for the ocean-going kayak angler, or anyone else who wants to eat up the nautical miles.

By |March 12th, 2009|Hobie Kayaks|0 Comments
  • Hobie Revolution Fishing Kayak

Hobie Revolution Fishing Kayak

The fishing kayak that everyone is raving about. The Hobie Mirage Revolution has nearly the speed of the Adventure, loads of utility like the Outback and a lot of the Sport maneuverability.

By |March 12th, 2009|Hobie Kayaks|1 Comment
  • Hobie Mirage Sport Fishing Kayak

Hobie Mirage Sport Fishing Kayak

The lightweight and compact Sport fits in those tight spaces and on the big water. Find fish where others can't in small ponds and up narrow channels

By |March 12th, 2009|Hobie Kayaks|0 Comments

Cobra Tandem Angler Kayak

The Tandem is Cobra’s all around best seller. It is lighter weight than other tandems on the market (only 57lbs) and easier to manoeuvre than the Triple. It offers users the opportunity to socialize while paddling but is very manageable for paddling solo. The Tandem is competitively priced and thus offers exceptional value.

By |March 12th, 2009|Cobra Kayaks, Tandem Kayaks|1 Comment

Cobra Fish n’ Dive-XF Angler Kayak

The Fish n’ Dive-XF features a newly designed tank well, which in addition to still securely holding a marine battery for trolling motor, now also features a custom designed tray to hold bait buckets in place. Additionally, there is now added space for rear flush mount, or surface mount style rod holders. The Cobra Fish n’ Dive-XF features additional forward mounting areas for trolling rod mounts, rear facing rod mounts for jump seat users or accessories such as a net and gaff, and widened foot wells for greater paddling comfort.

By |March 12th, 2009|Cobra Kayaks|1 Comment